AdVenture Ages MOD APK v1.18.1(Free Scientist Card) Updated August 2022

AdVenture Ages MOD APK v1.18.1(Free Scientist Card) Updated August 2022

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Description of AdVenture Ages MOD APK

Adventure ages send you back to history. Game platform put in your past civilizations. Your character will be going through many changes during the mission. You have a job to restore past culture and build a future. The game starts in the historical era.

AdVenture Ages MOD APK
AdVenture Ages MOD APK
Game NameAdVenture Ages: Idle Clicker
PublisherHyper Hippo
Latest Versionv1.18.1
Size87 MB
MOD FeaturesFree Scientist Card
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 20, 2022

Features of the game will help you to move through the path conveniently. While exploring the adventure ages, you will find many supporting characters in the game. Characters go through the journey of the past civilization.

You are placed in the middle of a society known as the most influential civilization. Each civilization possesses its unique culture. It is time to explore the different regions, cultures, and changes the land goes through. Also, try to find the mysteries hidden in the area and identify the magic of the past. The goal is the upgrade the time machine and gain control over the journey.

Every civilization is going through a conflict with different communities. Regions are at dead war. You will see destruction everywhere. War will affect the growing population. When you enter the area, your job is to balance the population growth by restoring people.

How to play AdVenture Ages MOD APK?

The gameplay adds charm to the identity of the character. It is pure and transparent. The interface of the game complies with the user’s needs. The elements you find in the game will be futuristic and filled with unseen before technology. The character in the game is entering the future world.

At the beginning of the game, a small introduction is played to make the character aware of the situation. The short instruction is enough to understand what is happening in the game. Buy the needed elements before entering the time machine and land in the unknown territory.

On some occasions, an announcement informs you about the historical figures. You have the opportunity to talk to them and gather information about the items you are searching for in the future. Once you find the needed item, you again go back to the blue screen.

A mission you are in the game is to find the item and touch to select. The number of things you choose depends on the users. Every user will have their personal preferences when selecting the items.

As you start playing the game, you will better understand the stuff thrown at you. Play the game with a conscious mind. There are many details and hidden doors in the game unexplored. Keep winning and become better at the game.

You will also have the opportunity to build characters. Acquire the powers and necessary elements of the game. Everything as the game player is available for you. Think of the goal and proceed.

Special Features of AdVenture Ages Game

Compelling storytelling

The game has a compelling story about future civilization. The story is based on a time machine that takes the characters to a future time zone. You will be sent to the mesmerizing world of the future where technology dominates the world. The topic of the game is untouched and has never been seen in any of the games yet.

Gather resources

As you become familiar with the gameplay, you have the opportunity to gather more resources. Every element you collect in the game will upgrade your characters. The more power you have, the faster you can move in the game.

Graphics and Background music

The adventure ages game is developed on the 2D platform. Graphics is modern, and design concepts are unique. Wester’s animation style contributes largely to enhancing the graphics. Moreover, the historical figures are carefully crafted with detailed information. Eye-catching views, sceneries, and much more exciting stuff add more control to the game.

MOD Features of AdVenture Ages Game

  • Get unlimited money in the mod version.
  • Free scientist card.
  • High comrade multiplier.
  • Enjoy the premium version of the game for free.
  • No advertisement.

Download AdVenture Ages MOD APK

Here is the free AdVenture Ages MOD APK to download. Get the game today and start using it.

Download AdVenture Ages MOD APK

How to install game MOD APK?

Game MOD apk file is designed to install directly. You will not find these files on the Google play store. Follow the guidelines to install and run the game.

  • Get the apk file downloaded from the above-given source. It is safe and secure to download the file.
  • Now go to the setting and after that, security. There you will find the “Unknown files” options. Enable the default settings and get ready to install.
  • After that, go to the download folder. Select the file and run the installer. The installation procedure will take a few seconds. When the application asks for permission, provide the same and proceed to the installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will have the game app icon on your screen.


Can I play AdVenture Ages MOD APK on my computer?

No. The game is designed for the android smartphone. You cannot install the AdVenture Ages MOD APK file on the computer.

How much will it cost to get the AdVenture Ages MOD APK?

The game AdVenture Ages MOD APK is free to download. Download and install on your android phone and play the AdVenture Ages MOD APK. You can find the download link above in the article.


AdVenture Ages MOD APK is based on unique storytelling that takes you on an adventurous journey. Characters jump into the past, present, and future with the help of the time machine. Every era in the game consists of some hidden secrets.

Discover them and use them to improve your character in the game. Get the AdVenture Ages MOD APK today and start using it.

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AdVenture Ages MOD APK v1.18.1(Free Scientist Card) Updated August 2022
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Here is the free AdVenture Ages MOD APK to download. Get the game today and start using it.

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Operating System: Android

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