The Battle Cats MOD APK v11.8.0 (Unlimited XP/Food) Updated September 2022

The Battle Cats MOD APK v11.8.0 (Unlimited XP/Food) Updated September 2022

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Description of Battle Cats MOD APK

What is Battle Cats MOD APK?

Battle Cats MOD APK is a modified version of the Battle Cats mobile game. It is a comic strategy game. There are many decoration elements in this game.

It is a role-playing game. All the events in this game take place in a fictional universe. There have been bloody battles going on in the universe for over a decade.

Battle Cats Hack
Battle Cats Hack

There are huge frogs, cats, and many other creatures in this game.

You have to battle in this game and win. You need hours of training to win.

You also need to make strategies and interact with the opponent as well.

The Battle Cats
The Battle Cats
Game NameThe Battle Cats
PublisherPONOS Corporation
Latest Versionv11.8.0
Size107 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited XP and Cat Food
Platforms4.4 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 06, 2022

This Japanese game by PONOS Corporation contains various different plots. You have to complete each chapter of this game. Each chapter has a different story.

It is a very entertaining game. You have to go through various stages in the game. It is addictive and will keep you entertained.


There are amazing features in this game. You have to develop your Cat Army to win battles. The battle system is very simple. You can simply click on the cat to choose it in the battle.

You can fire the cannon to protect your base. The leveling system is simple too. As you clear each stage, you will get XP and items. You need to collect it to level-up the cats.

You need to unlock their true form. Along with that, you also need to collect treasures. You can recruit exotic cats in the game. There are various stories and challenges in the game.

How to play Battle Cats?

To play this game, you need to download Battle Cats MOD APK. It is a tower defense style game. You need to protect your tower by recruiting an army of cats. You need money to summon the cats.

These cats will help you to defend your tower as well as fight the enemy base. If you destroy the enemy first, you will mean. If they destroy you, you lose. You need to use strategy and summon the cats according to enemy troops.

Battle Cats Cheats
Battle Cats Cheats

Battle Cats Tips & Tricks:

To win this game quickly, you can download Battle Cats MOD APK. You will get unlimited XP and cat food.

You need to level up and upgrade the cats to beat the enemy. You also need to upgrade the cents generator.

You need to use the cat cannon as well as get more cat food in the game. You can upgrade your cat study and use time-lapse to get more energy in the game.


How to hack battle cats?

To hack this game, you can download Battle Cats Hack APK on your phone.

How to get the treasure in battle cats?

You need to clear the story stages in the game to get the treasure. You get treasures randomly in the game as you complete each stage.

How to get cat food in battle cats?

You can get cat food in the game by using Tapjoy offers or watching ads. You can also purchase it or use Battle Cat cheats.

How to enter codes in battle cats?

You can go to the “invite friends” option to get the code, then tap on the green button and input the code in the boxes.

Battle Cats MOD APK Features:

Battle Cats MOD APK comes with a variety of features. You will get unlimited XP in the game. Along with that, you will also get unlimited cat food in the game.

This file is free to download. It is safe and compatible with all android smartphones.

It is easy to install and updates automatically. You will get all the in-app purchases for free.

Download Battle Cats MOD APK:

If you want to enjoy all these features in the game, you need to use Battle Cats MOD APK. To download this file, you can visit our website.

We provide a free download link to use this version of the game. You can click on the link to download it on the phone.

Download The Battle Cats MOD APK


Battle Cats is a fun and entertaining strategic game. Are you want to play this game, you can use the MOD APK version on your phone. It will help you to complete all the stages quickly.

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The Battle Cats MOD APK v11.8.0 (Unlimited XP/Food) Updated September 2022
Battle Cats MOD APK

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