Latest Android Social Apps List

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It’s the best time to get connected to the world with Snapchat apk!

The present world is always connected through social media. There is not a single person in the present society who is not using social media. It has become that important and needy for the day to day life. This is what will make people connected into a single platform. Out of all the social media around us, the most popular and the best one out there would be Snapchat apk. What is so special about this app is it will...

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Instagram Lite Apk Download & Install Guide – Bonus Features

No wonder the Instagram is one of the top multimedia sharing social media sites available in the world. The ubiquitous nature of the Instagram has made the social networking site one of the most browse websites in the world. Millions of users from all around the world are using it to share their personal pictures and video with friends and family. It is an exponential growth of the Instagram social network has made the Instagram create a scope from providing...

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IGTV apk- 2019 Best App for Watching Long-form Vertical Videos

Do you use Instagram? Most probably; your answer might be “yes” as Instagram is a massively growing social media community of more than one billion. Instagram was launched first time in 2010. When compared with that initial stage, currently this platform has become such a huge trend. In order to satisfy the true needs of users, the Company has already introduced a large number of new features. IGTV is the most-recently announced feature on Instagram which was released on 21st...