Cooking Diary MOD APK v2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

Cooking Diary MOD APK v2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Description of Cooking Diary MOD APK

Hey there readers! Here again, we meet with another exciting game app. The Cooking Diary MOD APK! If you are looking for an option to release your stress and enjoy the moment, this is the perfect app.

Hey there readers! Here again, we meet with another exciting game app. The Cooking Diary! If you are looking for an option to release your stress and enjoy the moment, this is the perfect app.

If you feel bored playing the same types of games, this is a perfect chance for you to try something new. Let your cooking senses overflow, and try hundreds of new recipes.

Cooking Diary MOD APK
Cooking Diary MOD APK
Game NameCooking Diary® Restaurant Game
Latest Versionv2.0.1
Size787 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Sprint
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedMay 09, 2022

Cooking Diary is an award-winning Android game developed especially for cooking enthusiasts. It lets you try out different new recipes. The most exciting thing is that it helps you open your Restaurant. You can fulfil one of your forever waited dreams! Opening your virtual restaurants without a single penny is an investment.

How to play The Cooking Diary MOD APK?

Cooking Diary MOD APK is the perfect game for you to take over the Restaurant, manage and grow it. According to your grandfather’s wishes, you are lucky to have the opportunity to make Tasty Hills a prominent place in the culinary world. The protagonist is a cook, which is why you are chosen to grow the business. You can plan and build the Restaurant to know it to many customers. You can be successful when hungry customers recognize this as the place to satisfy their hunger.

Cooking Diary MOD APK makes you a manager who gains experience from every customer service. You can concentrate on Branding and the quality of the dishes to the highest standards so that it attracts many customers.

You will have to multi-task via doing the employee’s work to the manager. You need to focus on every customer and serve them well to grow the business. Your food and service have to satisfy your customers as that is your main income stream at the end of the day.

How to grow the business?

The most important thing to growing your business is to become a good chef. You need to improve your cooking skills. Making a unique menu with different food items is a crucial factor. But keep in mind that quality is a priority. This game will challenge you on many levels. You need to start from the basics and slowly improve yourself to cater to different customer needs. You also have to maintain good customer service to satisfy customers with what you provide them. One of the most important things is that you should manage your time. Driving time is critical so that the customer will not leave the place.

Other than that, you can rebuild and change the Restaurant’s appearance. Giving the Restaurant a new look is one key factor in attracting customers. Changing the paint, curtains, and wall colors will add more uniqueness and novelty to the building.

Another main point is you can make yourself look pleasant to the customers. It is one unique feature of the game. You have the option to select a form to look pretty. Make sure to choose the perfect outfit to attract more customers to the Restaurant. Same as the service and the building design looking lovely in the face of the customers is a crucial feature for success!

How to download The Cooking Diary MOD APK?

Before moving into more details about the game, let us see how you can download the game.

You can easily download this game for Android and iOS smartphones from our website and enjoy all the fantastic gaming features. This excellent application is free to enjoy!

Download Cooking Diary MOD APK


Below are a few of the frequently asked questions about the game. I hope it will be helpful for game lovers to know more about it.

Is cooking Diary a good game?


It is one of the games that have a rate of 5 stars. Millions of game lovers around the world love this game. It is simple yet attractive and easy to play. The options offered are the other key feature that most players love in the game.

How do you get Gems in the cooking Diary?

It is one of the most asked questions. You can visit the friend’s Restaurant and collect the rewards. Also, you can connect the game with your Facebook account. You will also get the chest with rubies and coins when you climb the ranking by winning the smiles. When you complete the alliance missions, you can earn more gems.

How do I get more customers to my Restaurant?

The first thing is to upgrade the appliances and speed up your Cooking. Managing time is a key to retaining the customer. Also, upgrade your ingredients and increase the profits. Always make sure to have a few burgers and drinks on standby. And you need to prioritize the one-stop order to earn extra smiles. Always complete the tasks and gather smiles.

Is the game cooking Diary free?

Yes, it is free!

In conclusion, this is one exciting game app that will keep you busy for the rest of your leisure time. You can enjoy, relax, and learn some interesting tips for life. Though this is a game, the thinking is real, like managing your real-life Restaurant. In a way, the game improves and expands your level of thinking. Remember to upgrade the app so that you can enjoy the latest modifications and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Good luck with Cooking!

We are very sure you will enjoy the game to the fullest.

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