Cover Fire MOD APK v1.22.2 (Unlimited Money, VIP 5)

Cover Fire MOD APK v1.22.2 (Unlimited Money, VIP 5)

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Description of Cover Fire MOD APK

Jump into an exciting battlefield, use your tactical skill and save the world from the enemy force. It is an epic shooter action game with interesting storytelling. You are the protagonist in the game who s on the mission.

Carry your weapon and enter the enemy’s territory to fight with them. The enemy force surrounds you, so you should be alert while walking on the path. Any small mistake will lead to death.

Cover Fire MOD APK
Cover Fire MOD APK
Game NameCover Fire: Offline Shooting
PublisherViva Games Studios
Latest Versionv1.22.2
Size338 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, VIP 5
Requires Android6.0 and up
Last UpdatedMay 16, 2022

Realistic graphic makes the gameplay thrilling. Dive into a shootout game and enjoy the fast phase and uprising gaming experience. You are fighting against the Tyrannical corporation that is ruling the world. They are oppressing people and imposing their rules.

Defeat the enemy force and protect the people from becoming a slave. You will be assigned different challenges in the game. Every phase will allow you to earn coins that you can use to upgrade your character and weapons.

Cover Fire is an entirely different game that revolves around the expected target. The powerful enemy force is in the process of invading the entire world. Every level you cross in the game will take you close to the enemy. Play with the other characters and stay ahead of the enemy. The ultimate goal is to save the earth from hostile situations and free the people.

How to play Cover Fire MOD APK?

Cover fire forces immerse in the dark and become engaging factors soon. You will be offered a vast arsenal to face challenging missions. The HD quality graphics make the gameplay more realistic.

Spectacular action-packed scenes, smoke, and personalized characters add the soul to the game—players experience a real battlefield. Once you start playing the game, it would be difficult to resist playing again.

The game also comes with 3D touch features. iOS users can use the 3D touch on the phone and use the feature to their advantage. Fire the weapon without lifting a finger. Press the button hard, and the guns will start firing the bullet at the enemy.

In the game, you will be facing the military of the Terraccorp. They have slaved people and trying to control the world. Humanity is at stake. You are the only hope who can free the people from slavery. The world is going through a difficult time; various famines, diseases, and wars between the two-nation have collapsed the regional peace. Some people are resisting slavery and fighting for freedom. Joint them and fight for freedom.

You will be placed in the middle of the chaos. Your mission is to break their borders and fight against their military one by one. The take-down force gradually reaches the mind behind the game. Defeat the enemy and free the world.

Every phase of the game will offer you some powers. These power weapons will allow you to control the game become stronger. Survive in the oppression and unleash the hidden secret of the enemy. Keep your eyes and hear open and move ahead with utmost caution. Your survival is important, so be aware of the situation and take wise decisions at every step you cross in the game.

Special Features of Cover Fire Game

Simple touch control

The control panel of the game is accessible. The developer has ensured that the necessary buttons are arranged to stay close to each other and not bother the users while playing the game. The action-packed games are mainly depending on the user’s response time. The Cover Fire MOD APK solves this problem wisely by designing touch control options.

Gamers will have fun while playing the game when they see the control is helping them to fight effectively. You have only one goal in the game: to take down the enemy force. Every time to defeat the enemy, you will free the hostages who are desperately waiting to get out from the cage. It is a simple and enjoyable game that suits all age groups.

Use the controller to guide the character near the base and use the weapons to hit the enemy protecting the territory. Move steadily and gradually upgrade in the game to reach the final destination.

Profound storytelling

The game becomes more engaging when you go through intense storytelling. The game depicts how the enemy is trying to enslave ordinary people and create their empire. You will become against their activities and start looking for the solution to free those innocent people from the control of the enemy force. Soon you will be completely hooked to the game, and you will join the force to take down the Tetracorp.

Action-packed levels make the gameplay more enjoyable. It is a more addictive game that makes the users enjoy the game. You will become the top shooter with the more kill rate. Various set up in the game provides a different experience. Moreover, the futuristic world makes you feel you have entered into a dream.

Build your ultimate squad

Cover fire shooting is the ultimate fun game where you build your squad to fight with the enemy. Play will have their team who will walk with him to fight. You can choose different character types and provide unique skills to support you in the gameplay. Your ability to select the right squad will determine how you and your squad will perform in the game.

MOD Features of Cover Fire Game

MOD game users get the additional features not available to the regular player. Find those advanced facilities that you get to enjoy when you download and install the Cover force MOD apk game on your android phone.

  • Fully unlock VIP 5 membership access. The members offer 20% extra gold when you buy anything from the store: Max energy 15, max tickets 8, and max number of replays 4.
  • Enjoy the unlimited money in the game. You can use the money to upgrade your character. Buy new weapons from the arsenal, get premium facilities, and arm yourself to become a mighty warrior.

Download The Cover Fire MOD APK

The Cover Fire MOD APK game is available to download below. Click the download link and save the file on your android phone. It is free to download, so you do not have to pay for anything.

Download Cover Fire MOD APK

How to install The Cover Fire MOD APK ?

Follow the instruction to download and install the game MOD apk file on your android phone. Remember that the installation guide is only for android users. The game apk file does not support iOS devices.

  • Start with downloading the apk file from the above-given source.
  • After that, go to the setting and open the unknown file install option. Turn the default setting to allow.
  • Once you permit apk file installation, go to the file manager and download the folder. You will find the downloaded file. Click the install and start the installation process.
  • Soon the file will get installed, and you will have your game on your phone.
  • Start playing the game and enjoy the gameplay.


Do I need the latest version of the android for downloading Cover Fire MOD APK?

No. The Cover Fire MOD APK works on many older android versions. So you do not specifically need the latest version. Download and install the game and start using it.

Do I need to jell-break my android phone to install the Cover Fire MOD APK?

No. The latest android version allows the users to install the apk file on their smartphone. Follow the game and installation guide given above in the article and enjoy the game.


Cover Fire MOD APK will make your ordinary day extraordinary. The action pack game offers a fantastic battlefield experience. You will learn how to win the tactical fight. As the game progresses, the challenges in the game will increase, putting you in a position where your ability to fight will be kept on the test. So start playing the game and enjoy the new world of war games.

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