Download Cozy Islands MOD APK v0.0.19 (Unlimited Money)

Download Cozy Islands MOD APK v0.0.19 (Unlimited Money)

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Description of Cozy Islands MOD APK

Cozy Islands is a stunning simulation game available for Android users. The game was developed by Tetrox Limid game developers.

This game is about cutting trees, building a house, and living the carefree life of a teenager. Gather wood and branches and apply them to construct a house on a workbench.

Of course, nobody likes to spend time collecting grass, flowers, or berries. You can get more money in the game by gathering resources and selling them to the villagers, who will gladly pay you for them.

Cozy Islands MOD APK
Cozy Islands MOD APK
Cozy Islands – craft & build
Cozy Islands – craft & build
Developer:Tetrox Limited
Price:To be announced
Game NameCozy Islands MOD APK
PublisherTetrox Limited
Latest Versionv0.0.19
Size138 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Requires Android7.0 and up
Last UpdatedDecember 05, 2022

Developers have made a warm and welcoming environment with lively characters and animals. But, this original app contains in-app purchases to upgrade inside the game. So, you can download game cozy island MOD APK to get rid of annoying purchases and do it all at no cost.

Features of Cozy Islands Game

The cozy Islands game has become very popular among thousands because of its real-world-like experiences and many more features. So, let’s explore some stunning features of the Cozy Islands game.

sound and graphic quality

Cozy Islands created with “cartoon style” 3D graphics. The game’s design is straightforward because the app caters mainly to kids and teenagers. But the graphic and animation quality is pretty good so you won’t be disappointed.

A welcoming and warm environment

Enjoy yourself; go fishing, have fun activities, dance to the songs, sit by the fire, and many other things. Obtain experience in a variety of tasks.

New content and gameplay options are unlocked as you level up. You’ll be able to alter the environment in this life simulator.

Amazing island adventure

A top-notch adventure simulator for Android that can provide you with the most lifelike experiences and hours of enjoyable entertainment with amusing heroes.

Intense game-playing experience

Research, construction, crafting, resource mining, and quest completion are all essential aspects of Cozy Islands, as discovering the island’s endearing residents.

You can play the game to help the villagers with their daily chores, design the entire town, and build unique houses. Those are something besides making a great place to live and receiving valuable items in exchange for them.

Start your new life apart from the city.

Ever felt too worn out from work or living in a crowded place? Many people escape the busy city to live free and comfortable lives in the countryside.

If you’re unsuccessful in making your wishes come true, try and play Cozy Islands. This game helps you unwind by transporting you back to the tranquil village life on a stunning island. When you arrive on the untainted island, you will begin a new wave and establish your own village.

Build and repair every home in turn

The main character arrives in a community with other residents. Here, you must grant people’s wishes to receive rewards. Each section has a leading role that assigns significant tasks. A few examples are bringing apples, capturing a butterfly, repairing a fence, etc.

You will be rewarded with money and various materials such as wood, cotton, stone, other building materials, skin, etc. They will be beneficial for construction.

Find nearby or gather resources by completing tasks. Remember that trees need time to grow, just as horticultural crops do. Before the next harvest, all resources must recover.

How to play Cozy Islands?

  • You start the game on a charming island called the Cozy Islands. It is the perfect location for a peaceful and nature-friendly lifestyle.
  • You must mine the beautiful, tree-covered land and explore it to construct a home.
  • After the building is finished, it is also essential to keep and upgrade the quality of the homes. The house’s interior, exterior, and decoration can all be customized to your tastes.
  • You become more at ease playing this game because it transports you back to peaceful country life on the lovely islands.
  • On a beautiful island, you won’t be alone. You can meet the people who live there or people from the small islands nearby.
  • The area is covered in trees; therefore, you must dig up and uncover a lovely island before you can begin constructing a home there.
  • With your skills, you can build the islanders’ dream village, making their lives better and better over time.
  • All there is to this game is collecting wood, building houses, and leading a peaceful teenage life. As long as you have money and tools, you are allowed to make changes to your living space.

Cozy Islands Game Tips & Tricks

Finish the missions

You’ll be given a variety of daily missions and tasks. You can take part in them and finish them. For example, you might catch a butterfly. Try to complete the task and collect your rewards, no matter what it is.

Construct the bridges

Repair the damaged bridges to connect your main island to the other nearby islands. In this way, you’ll be able to develop in a more significant way.

Exchange materials for money

Some resources are straightforward to find and have set prices. You should gather those resources and then contact a trader. This will enable you to use the coins to speed up your tasks.

Cozy Islands MOD APK

The best tip about that app is to download its MOD APK. You can experience all the game features at no cost without spending time to earn money. So you can upgrade yourself more speedily than others.


Can I play Cozy Islands without Internet?

Yes! You can play Cozy Islands – craft & build game without the internet.

Is Cozy Islands available on PC Download?

Exactly! There are many PC versions of the Cozy Islands game.

How to play Cozy Islands on PC?

You can play Cozy Islands on your PC or laptop by installing the Cozy Islands PC version.

Is there any age limit for playing Cozy Islands Game?

The minimum recommended age for playing Cozy Islands is age 3.

What are the other similar games to Brutal Cozy Islands?

Some similar games to Cozy Islands are Craft Island, ReFactory, Starry Garden, and Elona Mobile.

Is Cozy Islands single player Game?

Yes! Cozy Islands – craft & build is a single-player game

Cozy Islands MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited money – You can make purchases at no cost or extra effort to earn money.
  • No ads – Play the game without annoying advertisements.
  • Secure – Our MOD APK link is a safe link to download and play Cozy Islands free.

Download Cozy Islands MOD APK

Here’s the link to download the cozy island mod apk 2022 to experience unlimited game features at no cost. Simply click the link below to download Cozy Islands MOD APK at no cost.

Download Cozy Islands MOD APK


Cozy Islands – craft & build is a stunning simulation game that delivers a unique experience to the user. It is rich with quality graphics to create a real-life-like environment. You have to earn money and spend it on upgrading yourself and building your dream space there. But you can do it all at no cost or effort by downloading Cozy Islands MOD APK.

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Download Cozy Islands MOD APK v0.0.19 (Unlimited Money)
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Here's the link to download the cozy island mod apk 2022 to experience unlimited game features at no cost. Simply click the link below to download Cozy Islands MOD APK at no cost.

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Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game, Simulation

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