Download Dan the Man MOD APK v1.10.72 (Unlimited Money)

Download Dan the Man MOD APK v1.10.72 (Unlimited Money)

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Description of Dan the Man MOD APK

What is Dan the Man MOD APK?

The Dan The Man game is developed by the creator of the Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. It is a popular arcade game that gives users control over character building. Join the journey on the Dan the man in the unknown territory. Facing the evil force of the tyrants with the unusual power and smart gameplay to defeat the enemy and strop them from invading the lands.

Dan the Man MOD APK
Dan the Man MOD APK
Game NameDan the Man: Action Platformer
PublisherHalfbrick Studios
Latest Versionv1.10.72
Size85 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Platforms4.4 and up
Last UpdatedNovember 22, 2022

The game is filled with various adventurous movements. The unique story of Dan the man dwells the user into game play. As you cross the levels, you will encounter the tough bosses in the epic challenges. Learn the fight scene, use the massive weapon arsenal to acquire a stronghold on the game, and defeat the enemy to protect the people of the land.

How to Play Dan the Man MOD APK?

As you start playing the game, you will be kept in the situation where Dan’s village is being destroyed by the dark forces. You are the Dan guy whose mission is to protect the people in the village and save the village. Also, the dark force has kidnapped his girlfriend and now she is with the enemy.

Dan The man consists of 12 different levels with lots of challenges. Every stage would give you extra power that you can use to face the new enemy. Build your character as you move in the game to acquire more power and skill.

During the journey, you will be going through mysterious treasures. You can choose your perspective by using the different characters. such as Josie and Barry Steakfries. Barry is the special guest in the game who comes with the jetpack joyride. He is introduced in the game to support Dan in the game.

Features of Dan the Man MOD APK

Intuitive Controls:

The game has simple to use the control that makes the movement of the character easy. The retro-style virtual controller doesn’t need prior practice. With the help of simple buttons, you can control the character.

Pick your favorite character and follow the map to reach the enemy. Several gamepads are supported by the game and allow android users to play using the gamepad keys instead of the mobile controller.

Addictive Storyline:

The storyline is smooth and quite straightforward. Once you start playing the game, you simply have to focus on defeating the enemy force with the use of the power that you collect as you move ahead in the game. The story of emotion and love make the gameplay enjoyable.

Experience the unique and adventurous concept of the game. As a player, you get the perspective of Dan who is on the mission to save his people and land. The storyline is kept humor to make the user enjoy the gameplay. You will experience the funny interaction between citizens communicating with each other.

Face Different enemies on each level:

As you cross each level, the new enemy would be introduced to new gameplay. This makes your gameplay more challenging as a new enemy would be more powerful than the earlier stage. You would require a strategic approach to fight with the enemy. In certain stages, you will place in front of the Robo-bosses.

These massive creatures would try to push back with unique attacking power. You have to defeat them and keep moving ahead. When you defeat them you will offer ultimate rewards that you can use to upgrade your character.

Upgrade your character:

Keep eye on the power and money that you earn during the gameplay. Every stage you cross, you will be granted some rewards in your account. Use them to purchase weapons and other powers to upgrade the character. You would require these powers to fight with the stronger enemies as they also would possess a unique power that your character cannot fight with the low-powered weapons.

Hidden areas to unlock:

There will be several hidden areas that you can unlock during the gameplay. Each one would have some unique power or the rewards that get added to your account. It will also boost your immunity and help you to recover from the damage.

Dan the Man Tips & Tricks

Here is the rundown of the gameplay that you should remember while playing the Dan The Man game. The first thing that you have to do is break all the pots. These pots have hidden treasures that you should collect as early as possible.

Don’t forget to upgrade your combo moves. It is going to be your ultra power moves in the gameplay. Finally, use the special weapon only when you enter the top level where you are going to fight with the stronger enemy. You need extra power to protect yourself and finish the game.

Dan the Man Hack


How to Unlock hidden areas on Dan the Man?

The hidden is available in the specific stages, for example, you will find the hidden areas in stage 8, 1, and 2. The player can access the secret place by jumping to the left immediately after you enter the stage.

There are many other secrets areas, which shift their position in every gameplay. You may have to explore them while gameplay.

Can I play Dan the Man on my computer?

Yes. You can play Dan The Man on your computer with the help of the android emulator software. Currently, the game is design for android users. So it would not be possible to download the game directly on the windows computer.

An Android emulator such as BlueStacks would create an environment on the PC that makes the gameplay easy.

Once you have installed the BlueStacks on the computer, you can download the Dan the Man and start playing the game using your computer keyboard.

Features of Dan the Man MOD APK

  • Choose your favorite character and upgrade it with the customization options for free.
  • No limit or restriction on the upgrades. Power up your character with multiple upgrades.
  • Jump into any game mode and start playing the game. No need to pass the levels to reach the different game modes. All modes are already unlocked in the mod apk file.
  • Now you can unlock all the hidden areas with ease.
  • Dan The Man Mod apk doesn’t require internet connectivity. You can play the game in offline mode.
  • Free to play game options would be achieved in the mod apk file. No need to pay for any service.
  • Enjoy the power of unlimited money. Use as much as you want and upgrade your character.

Download Dan the Man MOD APK

If you are an arcade game lover, then you will certainly like the Dan The Man game. Enjoy the beautiful gameplay, powerful performance, and classical retro graphics. Dan The Man is undoubtedly an amazing game available on the android platform.

Download Dan the Man MOD APK

Download the Dan the Man MOD Apk by clicking the below download button and get the game downloaded on your device in a minute.

How to install Dan the Man MOD APK?

Follow the step-by-step guide to download the Dan The Man MOD apk on your device.

  1. First access your phone setting and allow the device to install an unknown application. You will find the setting the app setting options.
  2. Download the Dan the Man MOD Apk on your device using the above download link.
  3. Ensure that you are connected to the internet.
  4. Once the apk file is downloaded on your device, click the file. It will prompt you to grant permission to install on the device. Click procced to begin the installation.
  5. It will take few minutes to install the game and once the process is complete, you will find the game icon on your home screen.
  6. You are done with the installation. Run the game by clicking on the app icon and start playing the game.


Dan The Man is an amazing arcade game developed by experienced game developers. The storyline is interesting and makes you engage in the gameplay.

Download the game and experience the world of Dan The Man and help him to achieve his mission in the game. Save the land and reach to her girlfriend and save her too. The gameplay would make you live the life of Dan The Man.

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Download Dan the Man MOD APK v1.10.72 (Unlimited Money)
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Download the Dan the Man MOD Apk by clicking the below download button and get the game downloaded on your device in a minute.

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