Download Drive Ahead MOD APK v3.17.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Download Drive Ahead MOD APK v3.17.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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Description of Drive Ahead MOD APK

What is Drive Ahead MOD APK?

As the title implies, the game Drive Ahead is a free vehicle-crushing simulation. You must pull ahead of your opponents to hit them in the head and compete in the difficult games.

The game was developed by Dodreams limited. There are more than 50 million downloads to the game alone in the Google Play Store.

Drive Ahead is an excellent game if you enjoy playing tense adventure games. You will have thrilling, captivating experiences playing this game on the rocky, adventurous tracks.

You will be tested in combat with various vehicles, including tanks, garbage trucks, off-road vehicles, and more. Try to collect every one of the game’s more than 3000 cars, each of which has a different advantage, to access the hazardous areas.

Game NameDrive Ahead MOD APK
PublisherDodreams Ltd.
Latest Versionv3.17.1
Size144 MB
MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb Enemy, God Mode, Damage
Requires Android5.1 and up
Last UpdatedNovember 21, 2022
Drive Ahead MOD APK
Drive Ahead MOD APK

Build a powerful army of your own vehicles, give them upgrades, and boost their power to meet the difficult challenges in the game. Show that you can race well to earn the game’s rewards.

Features of Drive Ahead Game

Enjoy funny graphics

The Hill Climb genre has thousands of Android games, including Hillside Drive, Real Hill Climb Racing, and Zombie Hill Racing. Drive Ahead is another Android game that has an entirely different gameplay system.

Basically, you have to pass your opponent’s car to run over their head with your car. It’s a great way to play games that developers have never done before.

Discover all the powerful vehicles

As everyone knows, crushing ahead is not as easy with basic cars, and if you want to win, you’ll need more potent vehicles. Given this, the Drive Ahead Android game has created nearly all the effective cars you have seen thus far in real life.

In fact, the game rewards you with exceptional cars like the antique formula car, tractor, ambulance, egg mobile, garbage truck, mecha, and amphibian in the shop menu. In addition, the game includes a variety of bikes and bonus vehicles, including the Fossil, Robo Bike, Snow Racer, Shopping Cart, Steel Crab, and Alien Attack Drone.

Upgrade all vehicles to maximize potential

We are expected to maintain our vehicles, upgrade their gadgets almost every month, and make purchases.

Similarly, the game allows you to upgrade your vehicle’s life, defensive performance, and damage rate by spending the necessary coins. Your car’s attack and defense levels will increase as you level up and upgrade it.

Enjoy the fantastic game modes

The Drive Ahead simulated game’s selection of gaming modes is its next positive factor. Thankfully, the game provides you with three different gaming options: Single-Player and Multiplayer.

First, the game provides a battle mode in which you can compete against AI players. Additionally, these battle modes frequently change the maps, adding things like beaches, forests, and arable land.

In addition to playing in single-player mode, you can also enjoy multiplayer destruction games using the same mobile device in two-player mode (2P). The left gaming screen is always reserved for first-player controls, and the right is always reserved for second-player controls.

How to play Drive Ahead?

  • Drive Ahead is a super easy game to play. Touch the right or left side of the screen to move the car, and swipe up to make it jump. Your job is to drive off-road vehicles, trucks, race cars, or even tanks to destroy your opponents.
  • Drive your vehicle into the opponent’s driving position with a jump. You receive one point for doing that each time (1 star). The winner is the driver who earns five stars first.
  • Learn how to control the car, the jump, and the game’s tracks if you want to master Drive Ahead! In this game, the vehicle’s speed is not a key component.
  • Speed gives you an advantage, yet it does not achieve victory. Some tracks are built with numerous hazards, such as flames or bombs ready to detonate at any moment, to make the game more challenging.
  • You might occasionally lose due to a game-related accident or trap you fell into. So learning the songs is crucial if you want to avoid making simple mistakes.
  • You are initially given a box to open up the arbitrary vehicle (Common). You can purchase the game’s cars in the Store once you have cash. Every vehicle has a distinct style.
  • You can unlock any car and carry it to your garage, depending on what you want. Although small cars are faster and more maneuverable, big cars have the benefit of size. Everything is subject to your control.

Drive Ahead Game Tips & Tricks

  • Reversing is an easy option if you notice that the car is starting to tilt too far backward. You can quickly get back on the track by accelerating the tires in the opposite direction, adding momentum to your vehicle’s front.
  • Try selecting the “Ramp” level instead using random levels. This level is a straightforward flat island with a small bump in the middle.
  • Immediately accelerate in the direction of your opponent to begin a round. Avoid accelerating too quickly to avoid flipping off the ramp. Do it in moderation!
  • You can take on a mission in addition to simply destroying the heads of your rivals for amusement. Every game starts with a reminder of your objective, which you must complete to earn coins.
  • Playing the slot machine will allow you to access more levels and vehicles. You must wager more coins to improve your odds.
  • The best tip about the Drive Ahead app is to download the Drive Ahead MOD APK. Then you can experience unlimited game features at no cost.


Can I play Drive Ahead Offline?

Yes! Drive Ahead is an offline game

Is Drive Ahead available on PC Download?

Yes! There are many PC versions of the Drive Ahead game.

How to play Drive Ahead on PC?

You can play the Drive Ahead game on your PC and laptop by downloading a PC version to your device.

Can I cheat on Drive Ahead?

Yes! The best way to cheat on the Drive Ahead game is by downloading the Drive Ahead MOD APK unlimited money and unlocking all feature versions.

What is the best car in Drive Ahead?

The best car always depends on the user’s opinion and skills. Sometimes, a small vehicle may be perfect, while sometimes, heavy vehicles are perfect.

How many people play the Drive Ahead game worldwide?

The Drive Ahead game is played by over 50 million people worldwide.

How do I get rift bolts in Drive ahead?

You receive Rift Tokens at the end of each game, which you can use to unlock rewards. There are two unique cars that you can open in every Rift Riders event. Additionally, there are Rift Bolts available that you can use to unlock new vehicles artificially.

Is Drive Ahead 2 player game?

It has both single-player and multiplayer game modes. So, you can play it with another friend as well on the same screen. Here, one player can play on the right side, and another can use the left side of the screen.

Drive Ahead MOD APK Features

– Unlimited in-app money.
– No contain advertisements.
– No in-app purchases (real money).
– Free upgrades
– Safe installation and use.

Download Drive Ahead MOD APK

Now you can experience many benefits by installing Drive Ahead MOD APK on your device. Just click the 100% free and secure link to download and install the Drive Ahead MOD APK on your Android device.

Download Drive Ahead MOD APK


Drive Ahead is a simulator game with simple graphics. But, because of its unique game experience, it is popular among 50 million users worldwide. You can play the game, crack other players’ heads, and earn more coins and rewards to go ahead.

However, you can experience all the game features without making coins by downloading the Drive Ahead MOD APK to your device. It provides unlimited money and unlocks all features to play games without being tired of earning more.

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Download Drive Ahead MOD APK v3.17.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
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Now you can experience many benefits by installing Drive Ahead MOD APK on your device. Just click the 100% free and secure link to download and install the Drive Ahead MOD APK on your Android device.

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