El Hijo MOD APK v1.0.0 (All Levels Unlocked) Updated June 2022

El Hijo MOD APK v1.0.0 (All Levels Unlocked) Updated June 2022

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Description of El Hijo MOD APK

A six-year-old child named El Hijo is always in the middle of danger. He learns to overcome challenges and gain more understanding of the situation. While dealing with a new problem, the El Hijo becomes cunning in finding the solution. He learns how to move ahead of his foes.

El Hijo - A Wild West Tale
El Hijo - A Wild West Tale
Price:9,99 €
Game NameEl Hijo - A Wild West Tale
Latest Versionv1.0.0
Size1.3 GB
MOD FeaturesAll Levels Unlocked
Requires Android6.0 and up
Last UpdatedJune 15, 2022

He has to cross the harsh desert. Criminals surround these deserts. He follows the path and leads the journey with wise decisions that take him to the unknown territory where he finds a monastery.

The game comes with many puzzles surrounded by adventures. Depiction of the art and depth will make you feel the journey of the El Hijo is part of your destiny.

It will make you forget your reality and support the boy’s journey through wild adventure. You will help him overcome the fear and find his mother in the unknown territory.

Go through the hazardous terrain environment and explore the chapters. Every chapter in the game consists of a hidden secret. Pass the landscape and move close to the final destination.

How to play El Hijo MOD APK ?

El Hijo MOD APK is a survival game. Like every adventure game, the EL Hijo gives you puzzles to solve and keep moving ahead. The entire game revolves around the five-year-old child looking for his mother. Strange things will happen throughout the journey.

The game has a great plot that keeps you engaged throughout the game. Once you start playing, the story of the boy will become yours. You will feel the emotion of the boys and start believing in his journey. Stunning graphics, images, and relaxing background music would give you a good game feel.

You are free to explore the landscape. As you move in the game, you will be offered resources to find the direction. Use these resources and follow your gut feelings. Every time you cross the terrain, you will meet different challenges. So you should be prepared to face the attack.

An epic adventure moves through the harsh desert, and the bare land is unknown to anyone. Various hardships surround the path. A boy is searching for the convent where he used to live with her mother. Once you join his hand in this challenging journey, you must use your knowledge to get him to his mother. Villains are waiting to take charge of the game and make the boy’s journey hard.

Criminals will follow the boy, which adds more adventure to the game. You have to keep the boy safe and find a way to get out of the trouble. As you move ahead in the game, you will see a hint. These hints will take close to the farms where her mother used to live.

As suggested, the player will be a partner in the game who walks with the boy and help him to cross the barriers to reaching his mother. Accompany them along the journey and take control of the character. It is easy to play with the essential functions. It requires minimum control, so you do not have to move your hand frequently.

Monastery, the boy, is moving out of is far from his native place. You have to vary cautious while leaving the monastery. If anyone caught you, you would be in trouble. The game starts again when you get caught. The night will be the perfect time to move out because the security personnel will be sleeping.

Use the darkness to hide and move slowly to the gate. No one can see because of the night. It will give the game advantage and help you move out of the monastery. Different enemies surround the land, so you have to be very quick. The enemies may destroy your escape plan and return you to the monastery.

Special Features of the El Hijo Game

  • Protect the young hero from getting caught by enemies. Use your cleverness to find the way out and reach the final destination.
  • Explore hidden secrets. Puzzles need to be solved to find the path.
  • Experience the beautiful monasteries, deserts landscape, and boomtowns.
  • Use the shadows to hide and wait until the path is clear.
  • Use your tricks to solve the puzzles.
  • The game inspires children to defeat the opponent and live for good.
  • Excellent storytelling makes the journey worth remembering.
  • Showcase of the bravery the son depicts in the game for his mother.

MOD Features of El Hijo App

  • Unlimited access to the game resources.
  • Where charming clothes and adopt the new look every time.
  • Defeat the enemies with added powers.
  • Find the clue to solve the puzzles and unravel the path.
  • No advertisement will be shown during the game.
  • Enjoy premium access to the game.

Download El Hijo MOD APK

We have made the download file easily accessible to the users. Find the download link below to get the El Hijo MOD APK and enjoy the journey of the five-year-old boy.

Download El Hijo MOD APK

How to install El Hijo MOD APK?

Get the apk file downloaded securely on your smartphone device. Download instructions are given with the precise details. After that, move the installation process.

  • Start with closing active applications.
  • The next step is extracting the file. In some cases, the apk file will be downloaded compressed folder.
  • Click the apk file and run the installer.
  • During the installation in progress, the android may ask for permission to install the apk file on your device. It will alert you about the potential threat behind the apk file. Click proceed and continue installing the file.
  • It may take a few minutes to complete the download. Soon the app will be installed, and you will have the file ready.


Is it ok to download the El Hijo MOD APK on a new android phone?

Yes. It is safe to download El Hijo MOD APK on your new android phone. The apk file is a regular software-based application installed like any other app. So there is no harm in using it.

Why is El Hijo MOD APK necessary?

The free El Hijo app version consists of limited access to the game. If you want to use unlimited resources and premium features, then the MOD apk will provide those facilities free of cost. You will enjoy the game as you will have more powers than the other players.


El Hijo MOD APK game is filled with lots of emotion and strategies. Every phase will have its unique touch that makes the game more interesting. The player is the savior protecting the boy from the future challenge. Ultimately, the safety of the boy is vital in the game. You will do anything to protect the child and help him meet his mother, who is waiting for him on the other side of the land.

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