Exile Survival MOD APK Exile Survival (God Mode) Updated October 2022

Exile Survival MOD APK Exile Survival (God Mode) Updated October 2022

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Description of Exile Survival MOD APK

Exile Survival MOD APK is an action-packed role-playing game. Choose your character, weapons, and the necessary equipment to enter the adventurous journey of the Exile. A strange new world is waiting for you.

In the beginning, your mission is to collect material to protect yourself. Get sufficient food to feed and find different resources to survive. Many unknown activities surround you while you move through the jungle. Stay alert, and do not forget that you are moving through unfamiliar territory.

Exile Survival MOD APK
Exile Survival MOD APK

Creatures hidden in the jungle are willing to kill you. Small mistake and you will end your life. Your primary job is the survive and keep moving. Do not trust anything. Sometimes glittery things will try to attract you, but be alert. It may be a trapped layer down to attack you from all directions.

Game NameExile: Survival Games Online
PublisherPride Games
GenreRole Playing
Latest Versionv0.54.1.3079
Size118 MB
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, Unlimited XP
Requires Android5.1 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 21, 2022

Besides the survival, you have to destroy the enemy territory before they attack you. Many other players playing simultaneously will also try to kill you. Kill them as well to build a powerful tribe.

How to play Exile Survival MOD APK?

The game has many fantasy elements. Role-playing game combined with the RPG action game makes the plot more engaging. The story begins with the ancient civilization facing the challenges of protecting their land from the enemies from all directions.

Many lands in the world are facing global warming and irreparable losses. Places have become desolate deserts.

You are the only hope to obtain the various technology and resources to protect the land from the enemies. These resources are essential because they will prevent you from attacking and defending the land.

After the apocalypse, the character wakes up amid a harsh desert. In such a difficult situation, you must search for weapons, clothing, and shelter to survive. You have nothing with you than just hope for survival.

Get the new supplies as quickly as possible. Fight with all the attackers and win the battles. Keep winning and start building the homes for the dwelling. When the attackers are in high numbers, seek refuge. Stay hidden until the attackers and deadly monsters pass from the land.

Special Features of Exile Survival Game

Crafting and Construction modes

Fast-moving games test your ability to build something unique that protects you when an attacker tries to kill you. Everything depends on your survival skill and construction quality.

The game allows you to create the needed equipment such as new armor, weapons, and battlefield resources. Mode helps you with the resources to construct something more substantial to stay hidden from the enemies.

Exile Survival GOD MODE
Exile Survival GOD MODE

Gather the resources needed to construct and then process the work of crafting something new. You are given the option to return home after the trying battlefield. Rest for a while and recharge your energy to prepare for the next round. Your shelter will keep you safe and secure.

Breathtaking locations

Exile is made of beautiful sceneries and lands. Open world survival game takes you on the journey of an unknown territory field with many hidden secrets. Realistic views and precisely crafted territory will mesmerize you.

It is the best roleplaying game that puts you in the middle of the battlefield where people are struggling with essential needs. Everyone is trying to kill each other. So be alert and stay calm while moving in the monsters’ direction.

Fight with dangerous enemies.

It is not the typical action RPG game where you jump into a face-to-face attack. The game turns into a deadly fight when the monsters and other players start attacking you from all directions. In this condition, your ability to sense the trouble early will decide the game’s endpoint.

A strategic approach is needed to protect your life from enemies. There are different player levels in the game; the more substantial the opponent, the more complex the game will become for you. In the end, you will face the boss of these monsters. You have to be prepared to face the boss and ensure victory.

MOD Features of Exile Survival Game

  • Get unlimited money in the game.
  • Buy end number of resources without worrying about the amount. You have unlimited money to spend on the game.
  • Start your journey with strong weapons, resources, and a protective shield. Give your character a head start.
  • All weapons are unlocked, so you can start your game by acquiring a powerful weapon.
  • All premium features are unlocked in the game.
  • Unlimited coins.
  • No annoying advertisement
  • Unlimited everything that you find in the game.

Download Exile Survival MOD APK

Use the below link to download and install the Exile Survival MOD APK on your android phone.

Download Exile Survival MOD APK

How to install Exile Survival MOD APK?

Here is the procedure to download and install the apk file on Android.

  • Close all the background applications and processes.
  • Download the apk file on your device from the above-given source.
  • Go to the setting, and turn on the “All unknown file install” option.
  • Run the installer by clicking the apk file and wait for the software to complete the installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will have the icon on your device.
  • You are done with the building. Start playing the game.


Does the Exile Survival MOD APK work on the IOS device?

No. The apk file is designed to run only on the android supported device. You cannot install it on the IOS device.

How much is the cost to get Exile Survival MOD APK?

There are no charges to download or install the Exile Survival MOD APK on an android phone. The application is free to install.


Exile Survival MOD APK is filled with many hidden secrets. You will be stunned after looking at the rapidly changing battlefield. You have to be alert while chasing the resources. Stop yourself from going into open ground where you can be visible to the enemies from a distance. Use the different tactics to ensure your success.

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Exile Survival MOD APK Exile Survival (God Mode) Updated October 2022
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Exile Survival MOD APK is an action-packed role-playing game. Choose your character, weapons, and the necessary equipment to enter the adventurous journey of the Exile. A strange new world is waiting for you.

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