Guru Maps Pro MOD APK v1.87.1 (Paid & Patched)

Guru Maps Pro MOD APK v1.87.1 (Paid & Patched)

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Description of Guru Maps Pro MOD APK

Guru Maps pro takes ordinary map services to the next level with its offline feature. The map has been there for a very long period. People use the map service while travelling, finding nearby locations and stores. It has become easy to get somewhere without needing the help of a person.

Guru Maps Pro MOD APK
Guru Maps Pro MOD APK

The new edge map does more than showing the place. Guru Maps comes with various add-on services that help you find a location and many more things to make your journey more comfortable.

Guru Maps Pro
Guru Maps Pro
Developer:Evgen Bodunov
Price:59,90 €
Game NameGuru Maps Pro
PublisherEvgen Bodunov
GenreMaps & Navigation
Latest Versionv1.87.1
Size73 MB
MOD FeaturesPaid & Patched
Requires Android4.1 and up
Last UpdatedApril 16, 2022

One of the attractive features of the application is offline support. Remote places lack internet facilities. There will be a time when the internet facility will not be available for you. In that case, people will not have access to the Internet.

Use the map service anytime and anywhere without needing the internet facility. The standard map service will not work, and you will get lost in the area. Guru Maps pro offline service mode gives you needed support and helps you find the way out.

Furthermore, the application provides the fastest route to reach the desired destination. The application scans the locality at speed and grasps the situation with an intelligent algorithm that quickly tells you to get from point A to B.

How to use The Guru Maps Pro MOD APK?

The Guru Maps Pro MOD APK application uses GPS services to track your location. The application uses vector images in offline mode. After successful installation, you are ready to use the application. Go anywhere and use the application without needing the internet facility.

When you are at a remote location, open the application and relocate your site. After that, choose the desired destination you would like to go to and hit the search button. The app will tell you where you are at the exact moment.

The application immediately gets to work and try to find the location using the GPS service. Soon after you hit the search, multiple routes are shown on your screen. The fastest way will be highlighted to choose the path and reach the desired destination quickly.

You also get the option to mark your favourite location on the map. Based on your marking, you will find the exact place quickly whenever you want. The data will be locked in your profile.

Searching for hotels and restaurants in the locality would be easy with the Guru Maps Pro MOD APK. It will present you with prominent icons that make it easy to reach your destination. The distinct features of the application identify the nearby hotels and restaurants.

A data synchronization facility is available in the application. If you use multiple devices, you can easily connect one device to another and share your map details with other devices for better use.

Special Features of Guru Maps Pro App

The Guru Maps Pro MOD APK application consists of many features. You will discover unique features that make the map application more satisfying. We have listed down top features of the application below.

Travel with offline map

During travel, the offline mode could become a lifesaver. The growing demand for offline services has become more prominent these days. There will be a time when every service provider has to come up with the offline mode to ensure their services are not stopped when the internet facilities are down. The map plays a critical role during the travel.

No internet facility will halt your journey and put you in the middle of nowhere. Your journey will become difficult, and you may have trouble going back to where you started without any help around.

Easily find your way.

Searching for the desired destination with the Guru Maps Pro MOD APK application becomes effortless. Put the end location, and the map re-allocates the goal and give you the fastest route available in the city.

Follow the instruction given on the map and reach your destination quickly. The application functions are designed to ensure you get to the destination soon, saving time on the travel.

GPS track

The GPS tracking system keeps you on the route. It uses high-end GPS services to pinpoint your location on the map and directs you to the destination. GPS doesn’t need an internet facility; thus, you will use it when you are at a remote location.

Compatible with all devices.

Use old or new devices without any trouble. Modern or old, any device can be used to run the Guru Maps Pro MOD APK application. The device works seamlessly and gives you the necessary support when no other application is available.

GPS gives you the ability to shift your data from one device to another without making any changes to the device. Vectors images are used to locate the destination compatible with all types of devices.

Consume less space

The application doesn’t need ample space to run the application. It is helpful for a device that doesn’t have much storage space. A simple device with little storage space supports the Guru Maps Pro MOD APK application.

Data synchronization

A cross-platform data synchronization facility enables users to transfer the set information to another device quickly. You will never miss your already stored data such as favorite locations, already visited destinations etc.

Connect the two devices and turn on the data synchronization features to transfer the information. The data transfer will be completed immediately, and you will have your personalized profile shifted to another device without any trouble.

MOD Features of The Guru Maps Pro App

  • Unlimited access to the premium features.
  • Fully unlock version of the app.
  • Mark the favourites on the map and store the information in the personalized profile.
  • The data storage facility allows you to add inputs on the map to remember the place you are visiting.
  • Priority access to new features.
  • Auto-update facility.
  • Personalize profile and custom theme options.
  • 24×7 facilities and available anywhere you go.
  • Free for a lifetime.

Download Guru Maps Pro MOD APK

The application is available for free download. It comes with a fully unlocked version of the premium application, so you do not have to pay anything to use the services. Find the download link below and get the application downloaded on your device.

Download Guru Maps Pro MOD APK

How to install Guru Maps Pro MOD APK?

Follow the instruction given below for the android users and start using the app.

  • Get the apk file downloaded from the above-given source.
  • After that, go to the settings find the “Allow unknown file install”. Change the default setting to allow.
  • Once you provide the permission to the user, you are ready to run the installer.
  • Go to the download folder click the apk file to run the installation. The message will appear on the screen asking for permission. Give permission and proceed to the installation.
  • Allow all the settings and require information access by the application. This information is essential for it.
  • The application will be installed within a few seconds, and you can start using it.


Is the Guru Maps Pro MOD APK application different from Google Map?

Yes. In many areas, the Guru Maps Pro MOD APK application is unique and offers many new features that you have never experienced before. The application provides personalized service to the users. Also, you can use the app in offline mode, which great features to have while travelling farther from the city.

Do I have to pay for using Guru Maps Pro MOD APK services?

No. The application comes with a fully unlocked version. It means you do not have to pay for premium services. Everything in the application is available to use for free of cost. Download and install the application, and you are ready to use it.


Guru Maps Pro MOD APK application provides additional features that you cannot find in any other application. It is users supported application, which means the app users give the inputs to make the app better.

Use it in online or offline mode according to the available facility. The Guru Maps Pro MOD APK application would become a lifesaver in a time of no internet. Download the application and start using it.

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