Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK v1.2.0 (Unlimited Money) Updated June 2022

Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK v1.2.0 (Unlimited Money) Updated June 2022

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Description of Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK

Hey game lovers, here is the most awaited news! Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK is here!

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We hope to share some exciting facts about the game and hope you will like it. The game is undoubtedly full of fun.

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Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK
Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK
Game NameHungry Hearts Diner 2
PublisherGAGEX Co.,Ltd.
Latest Versionv1.2.0
Size140 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Requires Android6.0 and up
Last UpdatedJune 15, 2022

What is Hungry Hearts Diner 2?

The background story of this game is fascinating. It was built around a small Diner in Tokyo, Japan, in 1960. The game is an exciting one packed with beautiful stories and outstanding characters. We are sure that you will never get bored playing this.

The grandma is ready for the mission with a few new exciting recipes. She has a vast collection of tasty dishes, mainly Japanese, for you to try!

Like grandma’s exceptional meals, you will also hear many exciting stories. The players help grandma manage her simple little diner and grow it. That is the simple purpose of the game!

What is the core idea of the Hungry Hearts Diner 2 game?

Though it looks simple and cute, the game has a deep meaning. It shows daily life in Japan. The setting is from one of the most luxurious cities in Japan, where people lead a hectic life. But the context is ancient Japan. The game shows a real-life experience through an attractive game interface where you find so much more to learn than just playing for entertainment.

How to play The Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK?

Let us introduce you to this beautiful atmosphere of Grandma’s diner. Welcome to the Hungry hearts Diner, and here you are as the special Japanese chef. Your main job is to receive orders from the customers and prepare tasty Japanese meals. Also, taking care of the restaurant is a part of the job.

Maintaining the place with care, cleaning, and preparing to give it a pleasing look are among the tasks you need to fulfill to make this place look attractive.

It would help if you were business-wise kind-hearted to make customers come again for your service. See! as in any other, kindness matters! Also, the most exciting thing is that you need to have your business strategy to generate more income for grandma. All of this looks a bit complicated initially, but when you get used to the system, you can carry on playing this exciting game.

But remember, more income means more expectations on the service levels. The unique thing in this game is that you will find valuable lessons while playing the game, which you can apply in your real-life later.

Special features of The Hungry Hearts Diner 2

This game is beautiful. Though you are an adult, you get addicted to this because of its adorable layouts, interfaces, and graphics.

Below are some of the critical features of this cute game.

  • The pleasant atmosphere with the quiet surroundings makes you love this game. You feel like playing it without getting bored.
  • The graphics are so cute. Though the characters are 2 D animations, they are simple and beautiful with many details.
  • The game lets you experience the management of a small restaurant and how you can make it grow. Almost similar to real-life experience
  • The game also provides light entertainment with idle gameplay when you do not have too much work in the restaurant.
  • First-hand Japanese recipes are shared.

How to download and install The Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK?

Many of you must be thinking about getting the game installed on your phone. It is as simple as playing the game.

Follow the below steps!

  • First, you need to install the current mine craft game from your phone.
  • Then, as with any other game, you can download the Hungry hearts Diner 2 game from the play store or app store.
  • After the download is complete, you can go to Settings and click on security.
  • Turn on the Unknown sources option and allow permission for installing the third-party app.
  • Then go back to the game app and start the installation.

Download Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK

Frequently asked questions

Below are a couple of frequently asked questions.

Can I get the updates from the play store when I have downloaded the Hungry Hearts Diner 2 game from another source?

The answer is yes. After downloading the game to your phone, you can get the regular updates from the play store and update accordingly.

Is The Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK a paid app?

No, it is not. It is free to download and play.

Why is my Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK not getting installed? You might have an older version of the Hungry Hearts Diner 2 MOD APK file.

So, getting the latest APK file downloaded will solve the issue.


So dear game lovers, this is a unique, cute, and exciting game with a lot of fun and lessons for life.

Why wait to embrace its beauty and enjoy the game?

Do not regret waiting!

Start today!

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