Idle Heroes Mod APK v1.30.0 (Unlimited Money) Updated November 2022

Idle Heroes Mod APK v1.30.0 (Unlimited Money) Updated November 2022

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Description of Idle Heroes Mod APK

What is Idle Heros? It’s a mobile game developed by Droidhang and launched in 2016 by the publisher Wang Wei, which you can play on both Android and iOS.

Idle Heros is based on popular Idle games genre with lots of RPG elements and it involves PVP fighting, team building, and campaigning.

However, how Idle Heros Mod APK managed to stand out while plenty of similar games are available in the app stores that one can enjoy? 

Idle Heroes Mod APK
Idle Heroes Mod APK
App NameIdle Heroes
GenreRole Playing
Latest Versionv1.30.0
Size163 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins+Gems
Platforms4.3 and up
Last UpdatedNovember 01, 2022

Idle Heroes
Idle Heroes

The reasons behind its success aren’t much complicated to guess, you’ll find them in the gameplay concept itself. Idle Heroes, unlike many other games, doesn’t emphasize too much on one’s skill and ability, instead, most of the progress will be taken care of by the game itself.

For example, if you haven’t started playing this game already, you’ll be surprised to know that a major part of your in-game progress will actually take place when you’re not playing the game or offline. The heroes will still make progress even after you went logged off; therefore, it will be much easier for you to reach the elite level at the earliest possible time.

What this game makes you, is not a fighter, but a team manager who strives to build a perfect team of heroes. Your primary goals are going to be finding the heroes, making them reach certain levels, utilizing your gems and gold carefully to purchase in-game elements, and finally choosing the right options in order to progress in the game.

Idle Heroes Mod APK Download
Idle Heroes Mod APK Download

Story of Idle Heroes Mod APK 

The Idle Heroes is an RPG that puts you in control of a group of heroes that must face some great evil forces among ancient ruins. Test your strategy abilities and upgrade your characters’ skills in order to turn your team into the most powerful one.

The Idle Heros is an RPG game where you get to control a band of heroes who face some evil enemies from ancient times. Here you are rather a strategist instead of a fighter who is responsible for gathering those powerful heroes and maximize their skills and abilities to make your team the invincible one. 

Initially, you get a single character when you’re just starting, and then gradually you must assign that character some in-game elements to make him more powerful. As you progress the game, you’re going to get other stronger heroes and you start building your team with them to fight those brutal battles against the enemies.

You need to keep in mind that your main goal is to recruit powerful heroes to form a capable team that can destroy the enemies as well as face other rival groups. Fortunately, plenty of rewards and resources can be found as the game advances that you should utilize to upgrade and turn your heroes deadlier ones.

The strategic mind of yours will have a far more important role rather than mere fighting skills to help you advance in the fascinating world of Idle Heroes, and that’s the main USP of this wonderful RPG.

Engaging in battles against evil enemies isn’t the only challenge you want to face in this game; you’ll have to fight off other players and their respective teams of characters as well.

More than 200 different types of heroes with their unique skillsets and power levels will be available for you to choose from; hence, bringing them together to assemble a perfect team isn’t as hard as you might think.

You must work with each of the heroes, train and convert them into special characters, and gradually your team will evolve into the deadlier one.

In the multiplayer option, the game will allow you to join hands with other groups to ally and protect a certain area in the game map from the mighty bosses and other teams. You will get the chance to fight against the top players around the world as well. Every mission is guaranteed to reward you handsomely after successful completion. 

Idle Heroes APK
Idle Heroes APK

How to Play Idle Heroes

To play the Idle Heroes, you have to go through various campaigns. These campaigns are one of the most crucial parts of the game, and you will receive Spirit, Gold, experience, consumables, equipment, and other valuable goodies from the same.

Campaigns are divided into five types of different difficulty levels, and they are – Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Death, and Crazy. On each of these levels, you will find a diverse range of different scenarios with several stages.

To reach a certain stage, you must complete the previous stages. The higher you advance through the stages, the more generous rewards you will receive, along with experience.

Fighting on stages require you to have a certain team strength level and player level. While building team power is very straightforward and needs no huge effort, you will have to focus on achieving more player levels mainly, and until you get that required player level, you will not be allowed to fight on that specific stage.

There’s a unique auto-battle mode in Idle Heroes Mod APK, where the characters will battle even when you’re not logged in to the game. Once activated, this mode can last a maximum of 8 hours when the heroes will battle against the enemies and keep generating loots and goodies throughout the entire time.

Once this 8-hour period is over, you have to log in again to participate in the game to collect all the elements generated, and then only you can put the game in auto-battle mode again. 

How to increase your hero levels

Increasing your hero levels, you need two specific elements – Spirit and Gold. Now, they are not very hard to get until the heroes get to level 30. In every 4 hours, you will receive some amount of free spirit and gold. Furthermore, you can get some of them as rewards after each event and mission you finish. 

However, once the level 30 is achieved, things will start getting harder, and you now must choose carefully which hero levels you want to increase as that will require a lot more spirit and gold than the lower levels. So, what are the ways to gain some additional spirit and gold in order to level your heroes up?

Download Idle Heroes
Download Idle Heroes

In Midas Store, you will get 20K gold free once every day, and your gems can be used to purchase more gold.

One of the Casino Wheels rewards is 10K gold that can be won once every 24 hours.

Daily quests are another way to complete some daily tasks and there’s a chance of winning up to 25K gold each day here.

Idle Heroes Mod APK Version Features 

Here are the prominent features of the Idle Heroes Mod APK that can be downloaded from the link mentioned later in this article

  • VIP 13 is unlocked
  • The training part is disabled
  • Unlimited gems and coins 
  • All heroes will be unlocked

Download & Install Idle Heroes Mod APK

Downloading Idle Heroes Mod APK and installing procedure is pretty straightforward. Click here to download the file, and once it’s done, simply tap the file to start the installation process. The app will ask for several permissions that you need to allow. Now, it will notify you after the successful installation, and you can open the game at this point.

Download Idle Heroes Mod APK


For many players, Idle Heroes Mod APK is one of the top exciting RPG games out there. The fun part of the game is the battle preparation where you have to get your strategies right, build the perfect team, and take advantage of the quest system to make the game even more challenging and engaging.

There’s a bit of learning curve indeed, but once you get used to the various aspects of the game, it will be hard to put the game down – it’s such addictive!

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Idle Heroes Mod APK v1.30.0 (Unlimited Money) Updated November 2022
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