Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK v1.380.5080 (Unlimited Money) Updated August 2022

Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK v1.380.5080 (Unlimited Money) Updated August 2022

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Description of Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK

People who like the role-playing game would enjoy the Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK game. It is the most realistic gaming simulation design with tiny details that mimic actual railway stations in the city. Modern graphics with real experience makes the role-playing game more fun.

The character in the game is assigned the task of the station master. He looks after every movement on the station. His job is to organize the station to function smoothly.

Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK
Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK
Idle Railway Tycoon
Idle Railway Tycoon
Game NameRailway Tycoon - Idle Game
Latest Versionv1.380.5080
Size89 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedAugust 07, 2022

The game contains many activities designated to the ordinary operation in the game. Daily fun activities with advanced gameplay make the experience extraordinary. You will be solely responsible for the railway station.

The player has to make the railway station profitable while serving the people traveling through the train. It is ideal for people who want to become entrepreneurs and learn how to run a business successfully.

Simple gameplay makes progress as you start playing. Choose your character and enter into the game. Every step in the game has a clear path. Follow the instruction shown on the screen at the beginning. Player-friendly elements are nicely aligned in the game.

You have the position of railway station director. The operation on the station will make you earn money. Plan the game strategically to improve the return. Add more elements and services to the station to increase the facilities.

Make the railway station equipped with modern amenities. A luxurious experience at the railway station makes people come again and enjoy their travel.

How to play The Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK?

Players are given the role of the entrepreneur who will be in charge of the entire railway station. Firstly, create a business plan to modernize the railway station with the essential facilities.

Make the business model unique and attractive so no one can copy it. Understand the need of people traveling through the railways. Build the services that entice travelers and make them enjoy the train journey.

Once you have laid down the plan, the next step is to implement the structure to the railway station as early as possible. Put all your efforts into building the modern railway station.

Use the property of the platform to maximum use. Anything needed to construct the beautiful railway station should be adopted and implemented immediately.

Take the approval from the local authorities. You will face some challenges during the construction. Limitations from the authority will restrict you from adding new features. Remember that your ultimate goal is to develop an efficient railway station that delivers an extraordinary experience to the users.

Survey to find the opportunity for building new construction or adding new elements. The survey report will help you draft a plan for the material requirement and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Remember that you have to build a cost-effective railway station because you have a limited budget. Adding more expensive stuff in the development would increase the construction cost. Get a reliable supplier for buying required materials. The ultimate goal of the railway station development is to offer the best service to the traveler and run the business in profit.

Special Features of Idle Railway Tycoon Game


The Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK brings you the highly automated railway station. Use the varieties of the features and stuff provided in the game. Add different elements with the essential services.

Implement a high level of automation in the game to increase the efficiency of the railway station. Make the regular activities automated to reduce the need for humans to manage the task. Automation also allows you to run the entire operation 24×7 without stopping.

Wide range of trains

Players have the option to choose trains as they desire. A wide range of trains is listed in the game, giving you multiple options. Each train consists of unique features and designs. Adding modern train equipment with new facilities makes the train journey more comfortable.

Unlockable routes

The game has more than 100 different routes to travel. You have to keep an eye on every route and ensure the train running to these routes is reaching on time. People must have incredible experiences while traveling on this train. Open the new routes strategically to expand the region and provide a seamless experience to the users.

Idle Gold coins

Earn the Idle gold coins from the services you offer to travelers. The cash earned from the business can be used to upgrade the railway station. Add more services and encourage people to travel more from your railway station.

Cash and treasures

You will be rewarded with cash and treasures when you deliver extraordinary services to the traveler. Use the new technology to speed the journey. Remember the time is crucial for everyone, so the people traveling by train must receive quick services. You will keep earning for your job even when you are offline.

High-end graphics and sound

The game makes the virtual gameplay more realistic with superior graphics. The sound system played in the background adds an excellent ambiance to the game. A peaceful environment makes the gameplay more fun. You will be delighted to see how to game progresses and cash flow increases as the users turn to the customers.

MOD Features of Idle Railway Tycoon Game

Gamers would love to have the freedom to choose every element and feature available in the game. You have to pay the premium price to access the paid services. Although the accessible version of the Idle Railway Tycoon consists of many valuable parts, the premium features are not accessible until you upgrade the profile.

The Idle Railway Tycoon MOD apk version gives you complete control over using the game. Download the Idle Railway Tycoon mod apk and start using the premium services without paying for the game.

Unlimited money

Enjoy unlimited money in the MOD apk version of the game. The game offers you abundance through the cash. Use the money to buy automated machinery, various elements, products and improve the game’s appearance. Advance your gameplay with unlimited resources. Buy new ticket booths, create fences to prevent people from crossing the lane, and add other cool stuff to the game.

All levels are unlocked

Idle Trains Railways Tycoon MOD APK gives you the freedom to choose any level and start playing the game. The game has different levels. These levels are fully unlocked and offer instant access to the users.

No Advertisement

The game version gives you access to the no ads zone. It means no annoying ads will be presented in the game, making it more fun to play.

Download The Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK

Find the download link of the Idle Trains Railways Tycoon MOD APK below. The apk file is safely stored and completely secure to install on an android phone. Download and run the installer to start the game.

Download Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK

How to install The Idle Railway Tycoon MOD APK?

  • Go to the settings and search for the “Allow unknown file download” option. Permission is needed to install the apk file.
  • Next, download the apk file from the above-given sources. The download link will open the dialog box asking for the folder to save the apk file. Save the file to the file manager.
  • Run the installer by clicking the apk file after the file is saved on your device. The installer will begin instantly, and the game installation process will begin.
  • After that, the game icon will be created on the device. Launch the game app and start playing.


Is installing Idle Trains Railways Tycoon MOD APK on the new android phone safe?

Yes. It is safe to install Idle Trains Railways Tycoon MOD APK on the latest Android phone version. The apk file is securely developed to suit the wide range of android versions.

Is the Idle Trains Railways Tycoon MOD APK support multiplayer?

No. The game consists of a single-function role-playing platform. The player is assigned the role of a director responsible for managing the railway station.


Idle Trains Railways Tycoon MOD APK games come with incredible gameplay that keeps you engaged for a very long period. It is the perfect game for people who want to develop business skills. You will be in charge of allocating resources, modernization, equipment, and material used in the construction. Use the money wisely to extend the railway station and make it profitable without compromising on the experience of the users.

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