Johnny Trigger MOD APK v1.0.25 (Cash/All Unlocked/VIP) Updated July 2022

Johnny Trigger MOD APK v1.0.25 (Cash/All Unlocked/VIP) Updated July 2022

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Description of Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Johnny Trigger is known to a very exciting game. It gets the players engrossed in a mafia world and let them explore. No battles and magical powers but only guns along with bullets.

So download Johnny trigger MOD APK version to start your journey in the world of mafia and unleash your shooting skills.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK
Johnny Trigger MOD APK


In this games, an agent spy named Johnny will stand against the criminals’ attacks and put an end to the crime by using his professional skills. It is a simple game but players will earn interesting experiences, more than anything experienced by the players ever before.

App NameJohnny Trigger
Latest Versionv1.0.25
Size100 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
Platforms4.4 and up
Last UpdatedJuly 26, 2022


Guns are essential for a mafia as they are their best weapons. In this game also it will be same. Initially the player will be having only a pistol. But slowly as he keeps on completing different missions, he will be having a lot of money which can be used for buying more Jonny trigger guns.

Players will be gaining guns with more bullets and making it much easier to accomplish the missions.

Further as it is not very easy to finish this game, players will be getting checkpoints and thus they can be revived when they die.

So the players do not have to start the game from the first stage each time they are dead.

But if they die, there will be a reduction in the prize amount. So they should always try not to die. If they complete the game in a perfect way, the awarded prize will be huge and thus they will be able to buy extra guns.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK Everything Unlocked
Johnny Trigger MOD APK Everything Unlocked

How to Play?

There are different levels in the game starting from low to high and the difficulty increases. The enemies will be appearing in various positions.

The players need to shoot for destroying their enemies and also make use of gun recoil for helping them in returning safely to the ground.

There is a large number of enemies and fire very fast. Thus the players must be making perfect calculation adjustments along with predictions for dodging the bullets and attacking them.

You also require to rescue hostages safely in some levels. They get them hurt as you will be losing the level then.

Johnny Trigger Tips & Tricks
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Johnny trigger Tips?

A player will not need many tips for playing and completing the game. Most of whatever a player will be requiring will be received in the initial stage of the game.

Thus it can be calculated without too much difficulty. Still you can check out few tips for getting  good score.

Search for some tricks: Sometimes you may feel that you are unable to reach your foe before they shot at you. Then you need to find out ways for bringing them down such as shooting any metal or exterior surface to backfire your bullet, using a rope for dropping some object on them, etc. Use these tricks to get additional points.

Never kill hostages: It will be rare, but at times there might be people who will stay unarmed. Never shoot them. Usually they will be crying out for help and thus you can easily see them. They are hostages and if kill even one of them, then you will be losing that particular level.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK Unlimited Money

Johnny trigger MOD APK Version

You can get hold of the Johnny trigger unblocked, no ads MOD APK version. It will give you unblocked and no advertisements for spending on upgrades.

You can spent upgrades on some new outfits as well as better firearms. Thus your game will be becoming very enjoyable in general.

Download Johnny trigger MOD APK & How to install?

  • Click on a reliable download link.
  • You will get redirected to the download page.
  • Then you will find the Johnny Trigger Mod APK version.
  • Download and install it on your smartphone.
  • You can also download the Johnny trigger pc version and have more control of the game with the help of your keyboard and mouse.

Download Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Final thoughts

Johnny Trigger is known to be a very simple game. It would be a perfect game if you wish to enter the mafia world or become a popular mafia boss. Download Johnny Trigger MOD APK for more fun and added features.

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