Knighthood MOD APK v1.15.1 (Always Your Turn) Update September 2022

Knighthood MOD APK v1.15.1 (Always Your Turn) Update September 2022

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Description of Knighthood MOD APK

Knighthood is a role-play type multiplayer game. You can just download the Knighthood MOD APK free for having an unlimited and amazing game experience.

Knighthood is a fantastic multiplayer game. It is a role-player game which consists of many attractive features. So, it would be best if you had a decent idea about its features, tips and tricks to play the game like a legend.

Along that, Knighthood MOD APK will boost your legacy inside the game world. So, let’s go through the Knighthood hack and more.

Knighthood MOD APK
Knighthood MOD APK
Game NameKnighthood MOD APK
PublisherMidoki Roleplaying Games
GenreRole Playing
Latest Versionv1.15.1
Size657 MB
MOD FeaturesAlways Your Turn/One Hit
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 29, 2022

What is Knighthood MOD APK?

Knighthood is The world of the Knight RPG. It is where you will be proud to have battled and conquered them like a legend. All of the players can engage in combat with a wide variety of mysterious monsters and strong foes in this fantasy world.

Your role in the game is the greatest Knighthood that once guarded the world. So, Knighthood MOD APK is for boosting your abilities as the role player. That Knighthood hack version comes with the Knighthood One Hit feature and much more.

Knighthood Hack
Knighthood Hack

Features of Knighthood Game

You can recruit and boost Ancient Heroes in the Knighthood Game to increase your abilities. You can completely customize your Rage Knight character. So, you can simply dress in a way that complements your personality and fights with your own sense of style.

At the edge of a vibrant fantasy world, you can earn your gauntlet, the powerful relic and emblem of the Order of Rage, and start your epic RPG adventure. Playing the Knighthood game will allow you to amass legendary items that you can use to strengthen and customize your Rage Knight.

Unusual skills During a battle, you can unleash your Heroes by calling on your Rage. You can hunt and quests to acquire rare loot to upgrade your gear. You can choose your heroes and weapons to suit your needs and prevail in battle.

You can perfect your attack sequences and improve your fighting abilities by alternating between your weapon, gauntlet, and hero powers. Finally, by defeating other knights, you can claim the title of PvP arena Hero.

How to play Knighthood Game?

You can choose to play as a Rage knight in this fantastic role-playing game called Knighthood. That rage knight will be equipped with Rage gauntlet powers. Players will have to embark on the journey in search of glory and notoriety with this knight, who is also under Sir Edward Drakeson’s guidance.

The experience and the game were also wrapped up with an epic story with an arena, leaderboard, and more with deep gameplay. We have to equip our Rage knight by earning currency.

Knighthood Tips & Tricks

First and the most wanted thing you should do is, read all the instructions pop-up while playing the game. Sir Edward is instructing you on how to use the game’s currency, your attacks and abilities, and improve your armor and weapons. Then, don’t forget to upgrade your items. You will be able to fight on your battlefield by accomplishing these upgrades.

Explicit knowledge about enemies and the battlefield is significant for winning a game. So, don’t forget to be knowledgeable about the game. You must compete for the game’s quests every time you play the Knighthood gameplay.

The rewards for completing quests can range from a few gems to coins and, occasionally, even a legendary hero. As a result, completing your quest will never be a waste of time because there will always be rewards to obtain.

The Final thing to mention as a Knighthood hack is hunts. Players may participate in hunts of the game a maximum of five times per day. Hunts give you crafting materials, hero shards, upgrade materials, and experience. With the ability to rank up and unlock powerful abilities, shards make hunting a worthwhile activity.


Is Knighthood multiplayer game?

Yes, it is a role-player-based multiplayer game.

How to grow your Knight on Knighthood?

You can grow your Knight by using app features like hunts and quests and upgrading by spending coins.

How many Heroes are there in Knighthood?

There are 68 heroes in the Knighthood game.

Who are the best knighthood heroes?

Titania, Balendu, Vordrai, Isstara, Erinn, Aeron and Alder can be mentioned as some of the best knighthood heroes.

How many levels are in Knighthood?

The knighthood game consists of a minimum of 5 gear levels.

Can you play Knighthood offline?

You can’t play the Knighthood game offline because it is a multiplayer game.

Knighthood MOD APK Features

As per most of MOD APKs, Knighthood MOD APK also comes with unlimited coins worth inside the game. The worthy currency of the Knighthood game is gems. So, you will receive unlimited gems for your expenses of the journey.

You will receive unlimited Actions also on the Knighthood hack version. So, it will empower you as a legend. The best feature of the Knighthood MOD APK is Knighthood one hit option. This feature gives the ability to kill enemies with a single hit.

Download Knighthood MOD APK

Before downloading the application, you must allow ‘unknown resources’ in your device. Because most of the devices do not allow the downloads of files like MOD APKs. The reason behind it is that some files may harm your device. So, you must have a trusted link to download.

Download Knighthood MOD APK

You can use our following link to download Knighthood MOD APK safely for free.


Knighthood MOD APK is consistent with all valuable unlocks for playing the game. Knighthood contains many fantastic features to make the game attractive. So, MOD APK is for giving unlimited access to all these game features.

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Knighthood MOD APK v1.15.1 (Always Your Turn) Update September 2022
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Knighthood is a role-play type multiplayer game. You can just download the Knighthood MOD APK free for having an unlimited and amazing game experience.

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Operating System: Android, 5.0 and up

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