Legend of Solgard MOD APK v2.31.1 (Damage/God Mode) Updated September 2022

Legend of Solgard MOD APK v2.31.1 (Damage/God Mode) Updated September 2022

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Description of Legend of Solgard MOD APK

Legend of Solegard MOD APK is an exciting RPG game that places you in the battlefield’s middle. A strategic game plan, team building, character development, and depiction of the power turn the everyday battlefield into a fast-moving attack game.

It is a story of the Nordic legends. Game start on the beautiful land called Solgard. The land is the residence of the Gods and creatures only found on this land. They live happily together until they encounter challenges.

Legend of Solgard MOD APK
Legend of Solgard MOD APK
Game NameLegend of Solgard
PublisherSnowprint Studios AB
GenreRole Playing
Latest Versionv2.31.1
Size110 MB
MOD FeaturesDamage/God Mode
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 18, 2022

One day, The Ragnarok doomsday prophecy has begun. During the winter, the ice gate opens and brings the mysterious monsters. The monster is here to freeze the land permanently.

Embla is a powerful character who can stop the fight and save the land. She is a bright female warrior posse the incredible power of the Sun Godness.

Also, she has the support of the forest creatures on the battlefield. Her forest friends listen to the orders of the Embla and act upon to fight with the monster.

After seeing the devastating situation on the land, the Embla decided to assemble an army of animals. She categories the team with special strengths. They are all prepared to participate in the war with the Embla to protect the Solgard from the cold winter. They will keep fighting until the team brings glory to Solgard.

How to play Solgard MOD APK?

Gameplay is simple. You have to build the character, acquire power and create your team using the creature which supports you in the fights. Your enemy is powerful, so you need strength and strategic planning to fight the monsters trying to destroy the Solgard by freezing it.

The central land is the ground zero where the fight will happen. You are given a chance to attack, so you must be prepared for the battle. When your turn comes, you execute your plant and gain the lead in the fight.

Break the ice walls of enemies. It would not be an easy task because the monster would be guarding the ice wall. You have to defeat them in the fight to reach the close to the border and destroy it. You have three moves to win the battle.

Keep an eye on the HP because as soon as your HP reaches zero, the monster will attack in a large number flooding the land and killing all your team members. So be prepared for the deadly fight.

Battlefield creates unexpected events that may affect your strategy and close you to the defeat. But proper planning is needed to understand the strength of the monsters.

As the obstacle on the battlefield change, you should change the direction of the fight and ensure you come out as a winner. Last moment re-adjustment is also crucial in the battle because it decides the ability to become an influential leader. Find the right creature that brings more strength to your team. You have many ways to select the creature from the forest.

Also, some creatures may seem small in size, but they could become game-changers. So do not underestimate the power of these tiny creatures. Also, some creatures work in a team, for example, and the same color creatures can combine into one square creature.

They will turn into giant creatures with combined power. It will be helpful for you to fight with these enemies’ force when the colossal creature performs in the battle from your side.

Special Features of Solgard Game

Special creatures:

Choose creatures with different power from the forest and build your army.

Exclusive gaming interface:

A special design gaming interface powered the game to make the battlefield experience never seen before experience.

Versatile gaming creature:

Unique gaming creatures would make your game play more fun and exciting. Every creature possesses some unique characteristics. Understanding their ability to fight, power and strength will help you on the battlefield.

MOD Features of Solgard Game

Here are the top features of the Legend of Solgard MOD APK.

  • Premium unlock version of the app.
  • Enjoy unlimited energy.
  • You get unlimited diamonds from the game.
  • A total of seven game modes are offered to you.
  • All 84 creatures are unlocked to use on the battlefield and build your team.
  • Unlimited money.

Download Solgard MOD APK

Are you excited to download Legend of Solgard MOD APK? If yes, then get it downloaded today using the below link.

Download Legend of Solgard MOD APK

How to install game MOD APK?

Follow the step-by-step guide to download and install Legend of Solgard MOD APK.

  • First, unlock the access to download apk file on your device by going to the setting. Find the “All unknown file install” setting and change the default setting to enable.
  • Next, download the file from the above-given source on your smartphone device.
  • After successful download, go to the download folder and hit the apk file to run the installer.
  • The installer will ask for permission. Give sufficient permission to the installer, and proceed to the installation.
  • Once the application is installed, you will find the game icon on your device.
  • Launch the game, build the character and start playing.


Is the Legend of Solgard MOD APK free?

Yes. All the features in the game Legend of Solgard MOD APK are free. You get unlimited access to the elements and gameplay.

Can I download Legend of Solgard MOD APK from other sites?

Yes. You can download the game Legend of Solgard MOD APK from any authorized site. Ensure they are safe and secure to download the application to avoid harmful virus injection through the source.


Legend of Solgard MOD APK will add more exciting gameplay to your fun time. The excess power of the game will bring joy. Powerful creatures in your team will help you fight with the monster and win the battle. Ultimately, the Legend of Solgard MOD APK has many hidden secrets that cannot be discussed but experienced during the game.

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Legend of Solgard MOD APK v2.31.1 (Damage/God Mode) Updated September 2022
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Here are the top features of the Legend of Solgard MOD APK.

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Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game, Role Playing

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