LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.91.0(Map Speed) Updated May 2022

LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.91.0(Map Speed) Updated May 2022

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Description of LOST in Blue MOD APK

LOST is full of thrilling game that has impressive graphics. It is an adventure game testing your survival style. You will be the main character, the sole decision-maker. Your character will go through various challenges on a strange island.

Developer:Volcano Force
Game NameLOST in Blue
PublisherVolcano Force
Latest Versionv1.91.0
Size678 MB
MOD FeaturesMap Speed
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last UpdatedMay 18, 2022

You are surrounded by wild animals, dangerous species, and a hazardous environment. The character goes through a plane crash in the wild jungle. He has to collect the craft weapons and necessary tools to keep himself safe in the dangerous jungle.

You will be building a house with basic amenities. It seems easy to build a place in the wilderness and survive, but the harsh condition will not allow you to stay longer on the island. Additionally, the game takes the thrill to the next level when you face the zombies, mummies, and mutants.

They all will attack you simultaneously. You have only one option to survive: kill them and find a way to get out of the island as soon as possible. Because once the creature knows who you are, they will follow you till the end. So get ready for the incredible journey of survival on the unknown island.

How to play LOST in Blue MOD APK?

The game has an interesting story that revolves around the lost world. An accident takes place when the plane crashes on an unknown island. You are the only survivor of the aircraft. Now the place is dangerous to live in. You are surrounded by animals and many creatures that you only see in your dream.

Your ability to survive is entirely depending on your attitude towards the challenges. If you get terrified of the situation, you will not survive long, so be patient and collect whatever resource you find in the jungle while roaming around.

Learn to adapt according to a new environment. Find the way to get out of the jungle and reach the open ground so you can look for help.

Although the situation may become difficult and challenge your skill, you should determine yourself to face any challenge. Search for the weapons and necessary tools. Build a house in a safe place to create a barrier between the creature and you. No need to build a big house. Because you never know when you have to leave your home when zombies attack it.

You will also be placed in a situation where extreme weather will affect you. Intense doesn’t mean heavy rain, and it means the large tsunamis or storms will reach the island where you have to withstand and protect yourself. During this journey, stay calm and think of surviving. If your morale goes down, you will give up, and the situation may become difficult to overcome. Follow your gut instinct to find the way out.

LOST in Blue is not just an ordinary survival masterpiece. The game gives you complete freedom to choose your direction. It gets taught as you pass the stages. It is hard to make decisions when you are in the middle of the jungle.

While you are moving through this tough time, you will be living in a harsh environment. People generally lose their hope and fall sick. The game will teach you valuable lessons about life. You will get to develop the ability to face new challenges.

Whoever comes in your way has to be taken down. Your alertness is more critical because the enemies will attack you from any direction. So keep your weapons and tools ready and fight with agility. Every win will add some benefit to your profile.

Use those coins and powers to upgrade your character and gain the additional equipment to support you in the journey. Do not be short in the decision-making. Choose only those things which are necessary at the current stage. Because moving forward is essential than borrowing unwanted stuff.

The high-quality graphic will amaze you during the game. It will give you a glimpse of a real-world scenario. The background music, birds chirping, and the noise of animals create a real-world experience. Take part in the thrilling adventure and learn the survival skill.

Special Features of LOST in Blue Game

Character building

It is centered on character-based activities. You are the one who will be moving the game. So your survival is essential to enjoy the game. The character-building process will allow you to upgrade the facilities, resources, beauty of the character, and many other amazing things. Match your personality with the other necessary stuff.


The game opens the door for the other members so you can team up and gather essential resources. Limited resources will not last long. So get your friends on board and make a move.

Unique island

The island is one of a kind. You will never have seen such a beautiful island in life. You will never experience boredom once you start playing the game. You will be entirely in the game and enjoy each passing moment. However, your survival is most important, so do not get attached to the particular scene; keep moving forward.

Craft and build the house.

Use your imagination to make the tools and weapons that you can use against the zombies. The material will be available in various places. You have to collect them and use them for building something unique. The Ultimate goal is to keep yourself safe from the enemies’ attack.

Build the defense so the zombies could not enter the fence. Also, you will get sufficient time to run from them. Build the sensor tower, arrow tower, and even the watchtower overhead so you can do surveillance to protect yourself.

MOD Features of LOST in Blue Game

  • All features unlock.
  • Access unlimited resources.
  • Get the desired themes for your personalization.
  • Find the hidden path that is only accessible to the pro users.
  • No annoying advertisement boarding during the game.
  • Enhance your character to become more powerful.

Download The LOST in Blue MOD APK

Use the download link given below to get the apk file. The file is stored securely. You can start downloading instantly once you click on the file. Save on your file manager and install it to experience the game.

Download LOST in Blue MOD APK

How to install The LOST in Blue MOD APK?

Before you begin the download procedure, close all the background processes running on your phone. Ensure that the phone has sufficient power. The phone should not get turned off while the download is in operation.

After that, follow the below step and start the installation of the MOD apk.

  • Get the Lost in blue mod apk from the authorized source. Find the download link above. Now turn off the internet facility or disconnect from the wifi network. The file should be installed in offline mode.
  • Open the Installer and start the installation procedure.
  • The application may ask for permission to use the device. Provide the necessary permission and proceed to download.
  • Let the installation be complete without any interruption. If required, put the phone on airplane mode. So no phone call will interrupt during the installation is in progress.
  • After successful installation, find the game app on the phone. Enjoy the free unlimited resources.


Do I need to pay to use the LOST in Blue MOD APK?

No. The game is entirely free, and no need to pay for the services. You can instantly download and start using the game.

Can I use the LOST in Blue MOD APK on a computer?

Yes. But you have to use an android emulator software to run the game. It is a fantastic experience to play the game on the computer and win it.


LOST in Blue MOD APK is the world of the unknown. Every step, you will face challenges. Get ready to ride on the journey that tests your survival skill. Anything can happen on the trip, so be prepared for facing the enemies. All types of creatures are waiting for you in the jungle. So take charge of your life and start building your craft to protect yourself and get out of the island.

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