Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD APK v1.3.3 (Unlimited Money) Updated June 2022

Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD APK v1.3.3 (Unlimited Money) Updated June 2022

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Description of Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD Apk

Moby dick is the thrilling, action-packed game inspired by the novel of the same name. The game revolves around the wild hunt for huge whales. As we know, whales are rare prey in the world. This is the one species on the planet that circles the globe every year and visits the different parts of the earth. As part of the whale hunting ship, you will be in the vast sea where various adventures combined with dangers will come on your way.

Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD APK
Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD APK
Game NameMoby Dick: Wild Hunting
PublisherPurple Ocean
Latest Versionv1.3.3
Size113 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last UpdatedJune 19, 2022

A solid storyline backs the game. Events took place in the 19th century when the whaling industry was booming in many parts of the world. The sailors and captains of the ship take you on the journey in the unknown territory. The detailed design graphics precisely added elements make the player engage in the game for an extended period. Controls are placed in a way that is easy to reach.

Every player will join the crew of fast-moving vessels designed to catch the giant whales. The crew members are not behind the random whale. They are put on the boat to see a specific whale that has killed many ships in the past.

While you are on the ship, you will be seeing how the whales are hunting to the other ship. You pursue prayer and use the harpoon to kill the whale. Once you are finished fighting, see the wounded individuals. You will have only your crew members or sailors to support the objectives.

The well-developed graphics supported by physics gives the player a realistic view. During the gameplay, the player will be assigned a different task. You should be prepared to face the action and get your target down before it takes you down. Slow the ship will reach the final position where the real action begins.

How to play Moby Dick Wild Hunting Game?

The game takes you to the middle of the sea, where you will face giant mammals trying to tank down all the ships entering the open sea. The whales have killed many people and submerged ships in the past. Now you will kill the whale with the ship and a few crew members who will support the journey.

Once the game begins, you will notice the movement of the whale in the water. The whale will slowly approach the ship with the explicit intention of breaking you and submerging under the water. But this time, you are prepared for the action.

Grab the harpoon and start aiming at the whale. Throw the harpoon and try to catch the whale. You may have to do it multiple times as it is challenging to hit the whale while moving. Also, the whale will consistently change its position. You have to be alert to get the proper aim. Once the harpoon hits the whale, the whale will try to pull you under the water. With the pulling force, the harpoon may get a release, so you have to attack the whale again.

The decrease in the whale’s health can be seen in the top bar. With every perfect hit, the health of the whale will get reduced. Use your ability to hit the target with precision to win the game quickly. With every level you cross, the attack will become more severe.

The game’s ultimate goal is to kill the whale and save the vessel and people traveling from the sea. You have to be quick to get the target down. If you take too much time, the whale will break your ship apart, and your boat will sink.

Special Features of Moby Dick Wild Hunting Game

  • The game has a fascinating storyline.
  • Detail plot explains everything game and engages you in the objective of the game.
  • Addictive functions and overall gameplay make you stay playing for an extended period.
  • The game comes in 3D graphics that do a great job in keeping the user engaged. It will not feel shabby.
  • The game also has some sophisticated mechanics.
  • Simple controls make it easy to play.

MOD Features of ick Wild Hunting Game

  • Unlimited access to the resources.
  • No limit on the utilization of the weapons.
  • All features unlock.
  • Build your characters with the help of premium accessories.
  • No annoying banner or text ads are floating around in the middle of the game.
  • Jump to any level without needing to play each of them.

Download Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD APK

Get the Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD Apk today. Use the below-given download link to get the apk file. Install it on your phone, and you are ready to rock.

Download Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD APK

How to install Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD APK?

Apk file installation needs a specific procedure to follow. Use the guide to know how it works and install the game on your phone.

  • First of all, close the application that is open on your phone. And after that, put the phone to avoid disturbing noise while the installation progresses. If you receive a call during the building, it will run in the background without making an annoying sound.
  • Next, go to your setting and find the “All unknown file install.” The setting permits you to install a third-party application with your consent. Enable the setting only for installing the apk file. After the installation is done, turn the setting off to avoid installing malware on your phone.
  • Once you have permission, download the apk file from the above-given link. Complete the download procedure.
  • Now run the apk file installer. The application will begin getting installed.
  • The application will be installed, and the icon will be created on your phone.
  • Find the game icon and launch the game to start playing. Enjoy the unlimited resources and have fun in the game.


Is it safe to download the Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD Apk on a new android phone?

Yes. You can safely install the Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD Apk on your new android phone and play the game without any restriction. It is safe and doesn’t contain any virus or malware.

Can I play the game on my android TV?

Yes. The latest version of the android smart-tv supports the apk file. Check the settings on your TV. See if you can get the apk file download directly from the website. If not, you can get it to download on your computer and then move it with the help of an external storage system such as a Pen drive or hard drive. Install the apk file as standard software, and within a few minutes, the game will be installed on your android smart TV.


Moby Dick Wild Hunting MOD Apk game development has put the soul into the game. You will get to experience the thrilling world of sea hunting. Every step is crucial in the game. The game will test your ability to hunt and save people from this killing machine. You will be a success only if you can match the game speed. Focus on the target and react quickly to get the whale down. Start playing the game and get the new experience of mobile gaming.

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