Ninja Hands MOD APK v0.3.16 (Unlimited Money) Updated September 2022

Ninja Hands MOD APK v0.3.16 (Unlimited Money) Updated September 2022

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Description of Ninja Hands MOD APK

Ninja is a Japanese martial art that originated in Japan in the 16th century. Now, it is one of the most widespread martial arts in the world. Ninja Hands game is based on that martial art style.

So, if you wish to be a Ninja, this would be a super chance for you. Let’s see all the things you should know about the game and Ninja Hands MOD APK.

Ninja Hands MOD APK
Ninja Hands MOD APK
Ninja Hands
Ninja Hands
Developer:Yso Corp
Game NameNinja Hands MOD APK
PublisherYso Corp
Latest Versionv0.3.16
Size78 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 29, 2022

What is Ninja Hands MOD APK?

Ninja hands is a free action game that can be downloaded via both Google play store and App store. The developer of the game is, Yso corp. The first thing you have to learn to play the game is Ninja Hands combos. Then you must earn and spend coins worth inside the game to level up the game.

So, Ninja Hands MOD APK is for gaining you unlimited coins to spend while playing. It provides not only unlimited coins but also offers more MOD features to users. Let’s talk about it all in the following sentences.

Features of Ninja Hands Game

Ninja Hands is an action game which is rich with amazing game features. Graphics and animations are very high quality to compete with related action games.You can find an effective blend for each weapon to add fun and surprise to the game. It allows you to upgrade, modify, and equip your epic weapon, armour, and hero sets.

Huge boss with a unique attack powered by absolutely stunning sci-fi graphics and effects of the Ninja Hands game. You can earn many rewards, and there will be a lot of fashion after successfully navigating customs.The enemy will lock it when they show up. The enemy’s waves must be destroyed before you continue to move next. That is the critical point of the game.

How to play Ninja Hands?

The game’s intriguing gameplay involves completing missions by using ninja skills. You will be able to summon special ninja abilities and decide which combat strategies to utilize to defeat the enemies.

Additionally, you will be able to use your Naruto-life skills as you engage in combat with the game’s numerous enemies. In addition to other powers, you can use electricity and fire to free the hostages! Each fighting style is distinct.

Download Ninja Hands MOD APK
Download Ninja Hands MOD APK

The main objective of this mobile action game is to free the hostage girl from the bad guys! In all your endeavors, keep in mind that you have ninja powers.

Suppose you run out of skills to use in combating your enemies. In that case, you can, fortunately, unlock and use a variety of techniques. Use ninja combat techniques to destroy countless opponents.

Ninja Hands Techniques

Players can acquire powers in the game and use them to combat foes. These abilities range widely, including fire, electricity, substitution, and water. Depending on the circumstance, you can use a variety of powers to rescue the girl.

You can gradually unlock more techniques as you complete more game levels and earn more unlimited coins. Enjoy the variety of abilities available to you here, easily vanquish evildoers, and rescue the girl from kidnappers.

Ninja Hands Tips & Tricks

Your hand movements will be combined in various ways to create various attacks. Fireballs, enormous spiders, shrink rays, and knife showers are just a few examples. Choose the one that will satisfy you the most after experimenting with the various combinations to see what happens.

In between the game’s levels, you have the chance to unlock special moves and helpers. You should focus on getting help if you want to move on to the next level.

Although you won’t always require one, sometimes the best course of action is to fail a level to unlock an attack dog or bomb chicken. Swipe the screen to find your enemies. Because you might not always be looking in the direction where the threat is coming from.

Take a close look around, and don’t assume the first group you see is the only one because they might be coming from multiple directions simultaneously. Once you’ve tapped out your NInja Hands combos, you are no longer required to send it in that direction. If your shot seems to be missing your opponents, swipe the screen to change its movement.


Are Ninja hands signs real?

Yes! Those signs are inspired by real Ninja signs.

Is Ninja Hands offline game?

You can play the game offline. But if you want to unlock powers by watching ads, you should play it online.

How do you cheat on Ninja Hands?

The best way to cheat on the game is, using Ninja Hands unblocked MOD APK. It allows you to use unlimited money, gems and gold.

Is Ninja Hands MOD APK safe?

Yes, it is safe to download and install to your android device.

Ninja Hands MOD APK Features

On the Play Market, Ninja Hands received conflicting reviews. First of all, due to the extensive advertising. We advise you to download the Ninja Hands MOD APK that removes all the game’s ads to solve this issue.

Additionally, it grants unlimited coins and unlocks all the skins in the Ninja hands unblocked version. As a result, you can instantly max out all of your skills and defeat enemies immediately.

Download Ninja Hands MOD APK

You can simply download the Ninja Hands MOD APK through the following link. It is a safe and trusted link to download and install the APK to your device.

Download Ninja Hands MOD APK


Ninja hands is a fantastic action game for Android and iOS devices. It was inspired by Japanese authentic Ninja martial art culture. The game is rich with quality graphics, animations and app features. However, you can download Ninja Hands MOD APK to get rid of ads, gain unlimited coins and unblock more premium features.

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Ninja Hands MOD APK v0.3.16 (Unlimited Money) Updated September 2022
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So, if you wish to be a Ninja, this would be a super chance for you. Let's see all the things you should know about the game and Ninja Hands MOD APK.

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