Download Object Hunt MOD APK v1.3.7 (Free Shopping)

Download Object Hunt MOD APK v1.3.7 (Free Shopping)

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Description of Object Hunt MOD APK

Most kids enjoy playing the game of hide and seek. This game has a wide range of variations depending on the nation. A well-known UK game publisher called Kwalee created the game, Object Hunt.

After its recent release, most players quickly became interested in this game because of its incredibly entertaining and dramatic gameplay. So, it is good to know about Object Hunt MOD APK to get unlimited coins to speed limitless inside the game.

Object Hunt MOD APK
Object Hunt MOD APK
Object Hunt
Object Hunt
Game NameObject Hunt MOD APK
PublisherKwalee Ltd
Latest Versionv1.3.7
Size112 MB
MOD FeaturesMod Menu
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedNovember 25, 2022

What is Object Hunt MOD APK?

In terms of traditional games, perhaps none of us are unfamiliar with the game of hide and seek. It brings back joyful childhood memories of playing hide and seek with friends in grass fields near a dyke full of deep blue water. In addition, hide and seek is a fun game that most kids enjoy.

When talking about game functions, You have to earn more coins to go ahead easily inside the game. So, Object Hunt MOD APK delivers unlimited coins to spend for your needs. That is the key function of the Object Hunt hack version.

Features of Object Hunt Game

Object Hunt shares quite basic 3D graphics relevant to previous Kwalee games. Despite the game’s simple design, its vibrant and outstanding colors make it incredibly attractive. The game will run smoothly, even with mid-range mobile devices.

The game’s features make it more engaging and prevent players from sticking with one role throughout all of their matches. You must discover a location that corresponds to hide safely. You can gradually unlock new skins throughout the game. They may be inexperienced hunters with extremely odd appearances. In addition to having new appearances, new characters move more quickly too.

A hunter is someone who goes in search of another person. Finding all the people who are hiding under the objects is what you need to do. There isn’t much time duration left for you to find them. You lose if time lasts and you haven’t caught all.

In Object Hunt, characters can improve one of three stats. This stat, which includes speed index, makes your character move more quickly. The time stat follows, giving hunters more time to locate additional characters. And lastly, the index of making money outside of gaming. To make the game simpler to play, you must upgrade each of these stats.

How to play Object Hunt?

The gameplay in the game Object Hunt is very simple and easy. Two teams will be formed from the participants in the game. The first team is for finding a hiding place, and the second team is hunting for the first team’s members. Always, the hunter is a single person.

One of every six individuals will be the hunter tasked with conducting the hunt. The remaining five individuals are hiding. Suppose anyone can’t find you in the game Object Hunt. The reward will be doubled. And you will receive high rewards when you see more people.

Earning more coins, and spending them on unlocking skins will allow you to move fast and find hidden ones easily. Skins mean different kinds of animal characters with various features. It is a key point of the Object Hunt Online online game.

Object Hunt Tips & Tricks

When you can, improve your time and speed. More time means longer hide-and-seek and a better chance of winning. You can cover a larger area if you move faster. As a hunter, check what other players have become. You’ll know what to smash to find impostors.

The game will point you in the correct direction with red arrows, but it’s up to you to determine what’s an object and what’s a player pretending to be one. As the hunter, don’t linger in one spot. Look for other transformed objects if you don’t see the player after a few seconds.

It’s easy to lose a round by focusing on one player. It’s partly frustration, so let it go and find someone else. Whether you’re a hunter or a hider, know the levels. Learn where the dead-ends are and avoid them. Try to understand suitable places for each object.


Is Object Hunt an Online Game?

Yes, it is an online multiplayer game.

How Many Levels are in Object Hunt?

There are 50 levels in this game.

Can I Play Object Hunt on PC?

Yes, you can play the PC version of the Object Hunt online game.

What is the main rule of Object Hunt?

The main rule is to hide somewhere that is unable to hunt.

How to upgrade Object Hunt character?

You can upgrade Object Hunt characters by spending coins and leveling up.

What are the Skins on Object Hunt Game?

There are many skins like cat, dog, duck, and chicken.

Object Hunt MOD APK Features

The key feature of the Object Hunt MOD APK is that it provides unlimited coins to every user. So, you can spend limitless coins to upgrade your characters and much more needs inside the game. And the other feature is that the entire gameplay is free of ads on the Object Hunt hack version.

Download Object Hunt MOD APK

You can easily download the Object Hunt MOD APK via the following link. It is safe to download and install Object Hunt for any kind of android device.

Download Object Hunt MOD APK


Object hunt is one of the best online hide-and-seek games. It is a multiplayer game that can be played with six players. Key points to playing the game by hiding in a proper place as a hider and having suitable skin as a hunter. Object Hunt MOD APK allows you to spend unlimited coins to upgrade yourself in that game.

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Download Object Hunt MOD APK v1.3.7 (Free Shopping)
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After its recent release, most players quickly became interested in this game because of its incredibly entertaining and dramatic gameplay. So, it is good to know about Object Hunt MOD APK to get unlimited coins to speed limitless inside the game.

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