OGYouTube APK Latest Version (Anti Ban) Updated September 2022

OGYouTube APK Latest Version (Anti Ban) Updated September 2022

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Description of OGYouTube

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The popularity of the YouTube drove millions of users from various countries. People spend a reasonable amount of time watching the different genre of videos on the YouTube. You can find almost all types of video content on the YouTube.

However, downloading the Video from youtube directly on the device is restricted by the Youtube. Instead of download you can save the video in the offline mode and enjoy the video offline on OGYouTube apk.

App NameOGYouTube APK
Last UpdatedSeptember 07, 2022
Android Version Requires4.1+
Total Downloads3,000,000+
App Size42.8 MB
Version Namev13.6

The OGYouTube APK Download gives users ability to download all sorts of Youtube video on their device. The application developer has a pretty good job of developing the easy to use application that makes the downloading video easy and quick.

The app provides the youtube access window through the application from where you can search for your favorite video. Below each video, you can find the download button to download the video instantly on your device.

Best of all, the application gives you the facility to download the video in available resolutions without compromising the quality. You can even download the video in the mp3 format.

Some songs videos can be downloaded in the mp3 format and utilized as the music file on your device.

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OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download For Android:

The OGYouTube download apk is available in the version 12.10.60-3.5U. The latest version is more stable and provides excellent usability experience. You can download and install the application immediately without having any trouble.

What are the features Of OGYouTube?

OGYouTube xda application comes with great features that will make your youtube video download experience extraordinary.

1) Downloading video from Youtube becomes comfortable with OGYouTube apk application. You can download all videos shares on the youtube by users. There will be no restriction in the downloading file. Do you like music videos? Then why not download it on your device and enjoy them whenever you want without needing internet connectivity. All videos you download from the youtube will reside on your device. You can access the video whenever you want.

2) The wide range of resolution is provided in the download options. When you click on the download button located under the video, you will be prompt to select the required resolution. You can choose the quality of the video according to your need. The resolution is range from 144p to 1080p HD.

3) Another useful feature offer by the download OGYouTube apk application is the playing music in the background. Users can use OGYouTube background play music player and enjoy their time. This is one of the most popular features people have appreciated in the online community.

4) In terms of privacy, so the OGYouTube developer has given special care to the personal data. In the privacy setting your can clear recently watched videos history, search history and pause history with a click of the button. No data is stored on the server. You will have full control over your privacy.

5) Ads free OGYoutube experience will be amazing for you. Like other application in the niche, the OGYouTube black apk does not have any sorts of ads in the user interface. It means you can enjoy your youtube videos without having trouble browsing the videos due to irritating popup ads.

6) The application is the lightweight and gets installed on your device instantly. It requires minimum memory to run the application. You will be happy with the user-friendly design. The minimum functions and easy to use navigation will help you to learn the operation quickly. It will not slow down your Android device.


Minimum Requirements For OGYouTube APK:

The application requires you to have the Android 4.1+ operating system installed on your device. The OGYouTube APK file does not support the older version of the Android. Before installing the application check the current version of your device. Install the application if the configuration suits the requirement of the OGYouTube app.

Steps To Install Ogyoutube APK:

Installation is pretty simple, but before you move ahead to install the application check whether your device is running on Android Jellybean or above version. The latest Android operating system is needed to install the application. The app is not compatible with the older version of the Android. If your device meets the requirement, then proceed ahead to the installation process.

OGYouTube Download
OGYouTube Download

Follow below step to install the OGYouTube apk application on your device.

1) Download the OGYouTube APK file from the online website or the blog. There are many websites which allow you to get the application for free. Download OGYouTube APK file on your Android smartphone.

2) After successfully downloading the application on your smartphone, go to the setting and find the privacy setting where you will see the setting called Unknown Source. The setting tells the operating system to allow or disable the installation of the third party application. Enable the setting to allow OGYouTube to get installed on your device.

Visit Setting >> Security >> Unknown Sources

3) Now go back to the location where you have kept the apk file. Click on the apk file and run the application. It will popup the installation window. At the end of the application, there will be installation button. Click on the install button to start the installation process. It will take few minutes to complete the installation process.

4) At the final step, you need to download the one more file called Micro-g. The file is required to run the application on your device. Without this, you will not be able to sign in with your Gmail account. So do not forget the final step. Download the Micro-G application on your device.

OGYouTube APK tips and tricks:

– Use the application to download all your favorite videos on your device and use them when you are traveling or at the place where internet connectivity will not be available.

– Use the various options of video resolution. If you are going to watch the video on the mobile device, then you might not require high-resolution videos. You can select the low resolution and save the data pack. The high-resolution videos will contain large size, and it takes more time to download.

Most frequently asked questions and answers

What is OGYouTube apk?

– OGYouTube apk application is free youtube video download app allows the users to download videos without needing to pay for the service.

Is it safe to use OGYouTube APK?

– It is entirely safe to use OGYouTube APK on your device. The application is tested on various devices. It provides a high level of privacy and data security to the users. The users will have full control over their browsing history and other information used in the application.

OGYouTube available for iOS?

– Currently, the OGYouTube apk is not available for the IOS users. Soon developer might release OGYouTube for iPhone.

OGYouTube app better than the standard YouTube?

– In many sense, the OGYouTube app is way better than the standard Youtube application. The OGYouTube has many advanced features which you can not find in the standard Youtube.

Why Ogyoutube crashing or not working?

– The compatibility issue is the most common reason for crashing. Check the operating system, device configuration and another aspect of the smartphone. If you have any antivirus or anything that restricts the application from running its core function, the app will crash. You can report OGYouTube error online forum.

OGYouTube app available on Google Play Store?

– No. You have to download the application from the direct source. Many blogs and websites provide the apk file for free download.

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OGYouTube APK Latest Version (Anti Ban) Updated September 2022

The OGYouTube APK Download gives users ability to download all sorts of Youtube video on their device.

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