Passion Puzzle MOD APK v1.16.5 (Unlimited Gold and Crystals)

Passion Puzzle MOD APK v1.16.5 (Unlimited Gold and Crystals)

4.8 (5143)Puzzle, Game

Description of Passion Puzzle MOD APK

Have you been too busy to date lately? Well, now you don’t have to worry because we have a perfect solution to upgrade your dating life. You don’t have to go out and meet someone or worry about all that dating drama.

You can simply play Passion Puzzle and get the best dating experience of your life. Yes, you have heard it right. However, you are just one download away from meeting your future digital girlfriend.

In this post, we will share with you all the information related to the Passion Puzzle game and answer all the frequently asked questions. Let’s get started.

Passion Puzzle
Passion Puzzle

Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator –  Official Game

Passion Puzzle MOD Game Direct Download Link available on download Section.

App NamePassion Puzzle: Dating Simulator
PublisherWhee Games Ltd
Latest Version1.16.5
Size100 MB
MOD FeaturesAds Free & Unlimited Gems
Platforms4.3 and up
Last UpdatedDecember 30, 2020

Passion Puzzle Overview:

Passion Puzzle is a dating simulation game. It is available on the Play Store and App Store, likewise. You can download this game for free on your Android and iOS devices.

Moreover, it is a combination of a dating simulator and a puzzle game. You can easily flirt with and date pretty girls in this game. This game follows a very interesting storyline. You have to follow the storyline and play match three puzzles to win the heart of the girls and get your dream virtual girlfriend.


The storyline of this game is like a very interesting romantic movie. Now imagine you being the main character. In this story, your character is a good-looking man who arrives in a coastal city. You have come here to relax and make some new friends.

This city is full of beautiful flirty girls. These girls are really interested in you. You will get many chances to meet these girls and flirt with them. In the end, you will have to choose who you want to take on a date.

There are many girls to choose from. Mary, who is sweet, Ivy, who is strict, Loly, who can’t be tamed, Mika, who is kinky, Chantal, who is sophisticated, or Emilia, who is gorgeous. You have to increase your beauty level, humor level, and intelligence by playing match three puzzles.

passion puzzle hack apk
passion puzzle hack apk


Here are some features of this game that makes it different from other dating simulators.

  • Compatible: 

This game application is compatible with android as well as iOS devices. You need an android 4.3 and up version and ios 9.0 or later version to download and play this game.

  • Size: 

This game application requires less space than most of the other similar game applications. For ios devices, you need only 355.3MB space and for android devices, only 101MB space.

  • Reviews: 

It has fairly good reviews on both platforms. It has 4.4 out of 5 reviews on the App Store and 4.1 out of 5 reviews on the Play Store.

  • Languages: 

This game is available in two languages i.e., English and Chinese. You can also enjoy this game in 2 Chinese versions i.e., Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

  • In-App Purchases: 

This game has In-App Purchase features wherein you can purchase the gems to unlock girls easily, get their pictures, go on dates, and complete the puzzles easily by upgrading your skills.

  • Story: 

This game follows an interesting story. You will experience plot twists as each girl is different from others. You can get real-life experience by dating different girls.

  • Graphics: 

This is one of the best features of this game. You can enjoy excellent graphics with this game. The anime girls are appealing, and the locations seem real to boost your dating experience.

  • Different Girls: 

There are different girls for you to date in this game. Each girl looks different, has a distinct personality, and behaves differently. You don’t have to endure the same girl with the same looks throughout the game.

  • Competitive Puzzles: 

The puzzles are made competitive. You can not only enjoy dating but gaming as well by playing puzzles side by side.

  • Free download:

This game is available for free download. You don’t have to purchase this game. You can easily download this game for free on your smartphones.

passion puzzle pictures
passion puzzle pictures

How to Play Passion Puzzle?


To play this game, you have to first download and install it on your phone. When you start playing, as per the storyline, you will meet the girls at various locations like the airport, the nightclub, the beach, the square, the hotel, the mall. You have to seduce as many girls as you can.

You can either choose the talking option or the dating option to interact with these girls. If you choose the talking option, you will get three conversation topics to choose from.

Here is where you can make the difference. If you choose the right topic and ask the correct question, you can earn points i.e., money.

Unlocking Passion Puzzle

You have to be really flirt or else they will find you boring. Moreover, you have to choose your pick-up lines carefully to get the girls. You have to unlock dating destinations to take them on dates.

There are many girls in this game. You have to unlock these girls by increasing your level. Each girl is different. They will have different looks, features, styles, likes, dislikes, and characteristics like humor, intelligence, and sexuality. To take the girls on a date, you have to solve the puzzle. It is a match-three puzzle.

You have to match three color tiles to destroy them simply. However, you will have limited moves to complete the puzzle. You will get gold on completion of the puzzle. Moreover, you will also need energy to date and make conversations. You can only store 20 energy points.

Once it is over, you have to wait to get recharged. You have to upgrade your skills to solve the puzzle quickly and to do better in dating.

But you have to buy these upgrades. You can choose a humor update or a passion update. Humor update will help you to destroy humor gems in the puzzle easily. Make sure you make the right moves and get the girls.


Here are some screenshots of the game for you. You can check these screenshots to see how the game looks.

  • Puzzle with Storyline: This game is a perfect blend of dating simulation and puzzle.
  • Meet Girls In The City: You can see the destinations where you can meet the girls.
  • Find Out Her Secret: You can find out their secrets by talking to them.
  • Collect Hot Selfies: You can collect their hot selfies in the game by earning points.
passion puzzle unlimited gems apk
passion puzzle unlimited gems apk

Tips and Strategy:

To ace any game, you need to use some tips and strategies. It is the same with Passion Puzzle. It will help you to unlock new destinations and girls, improve your skills, and solve the puzzles easily. Here are some tips and strategies for you to get the best gaming experience.

  • Use The Power-Ups:

Sometimes puzzles can be challenging to solve. So to help you get an advantage, you can use power-ups. You can buy these power-ups using coins. Sometimes you may already have power-ups. So to activate them, you have to tap the box of power-up. Some power-ups give you extra points. It usually happens when they get to the bottom of a level.

  • Check the Mall daily:

The mall is unlocked on your 5th day. Check which day it is on the top of the screen. You will find the mall in the center of the city. Use the map to locate the mall. There you will get prize boxes. In the box, there is a chance to unlock new girls, get new clothes, get photos, etc. You get only one chance a day to open the prize box. If you want to try again on the same day, you need gems.

  • Play the game daily to unlock more girls: 

When you play the game daily, you can easily unlock new girls and destinations. Like after two dates with one girl, you will unlock one girl and one destination. And after more dates with the other girl, you will unlock some other girl and destination.

  • Unlock the super dates:

After you go on five dates, you will get a super date option. To go on a super date, you have to play super date games. You need to collect certain things for that. You will unlock new photos after completing the super date. And if you fail, you can watch an advertisement to get the four energy back.

passion puzzle mod apk
passion puzzle mod apk

Passion Puzzle City Map:

You will find many destinations on the city map. Some destinations are locked. You have to play the game and complete the puzzles to unlock the destinations. With every unlocked one, you get coins. It is very important to collect these coins. Here is a list of some destinations that you can find on the city map.

  • Airport Mall
  • Square
  • Nightclub
  • Hotel
  • Beach

Tips to get photos of Mika, Emilia, Chantal, Yoli, and Ivy:

If you want to get their hot photos, you have to follow some tips. Here are some tips and guides to get Mika, Emilia, Chantal, Yoli, and Ivy’s hot photos fast.

  • Collect special items in the match three puzzles to boost each girl’s stats.
  • Buy gifts to get more coins from dates and conversations.
  • Get red crystals
  • Get super dates
  • Visit the mall for rewards
passion puzzle faq
passion puzzle faq

Download Passion Puzzle Pictures:

In Passion Puzzle, there is one option where you can collect each girl’s hot selfies. You have to unlock these pictures by going on dates and super dates. Here are the girls and their Passion Puzzle Pictures.

  • Mika: She is the first girl you will meet in the game. You can meet her at the airport as she is an air hostess. She is kinky.

Mika Passion Puzzle All Pictures

  • Emilia: She is the second girl you will meet. She is gorgeous. Here are her pictures.

Emilia Passion Puzzle All Pictures

  • Yoli: You can purchase new girls from the girl packs. Yoli is one of the girls you can get.

Yoli Passion Puzzle All Pictures

  • Chantal: You have to unlock her. It can happen only if you unlock the hotel. She is sophisticated. The hotel can be unlocked after completing two dates with Emilia.

Chantal Passion Puzzle All Pictures

  • Ivy: After three dates with Chantal, Ivy gets unlocked. She is strict. Here are some Ivy pictures.

Ivy Passion Puzzle All Pictures

Download Passion Puzzle APK:

You can easily play Passion Puzzle by downloading the APK file on your android phone from Play Store. APK files are only meant for Android devices. This is the latest version of Passion Puzzle APK

Download Passion Puzzle MOD APK:

MOD APK means a modified game file wherein you can unlock all the paid features and enjoy them for free. You will get unlimited free gems and gold in this APK file.

Download Passion Puzzle MOD APK

What MOD apk features?

In the Passion Puzzle MOD apk file, you can enjoy the following features.

  • Unlimited money
  • Remove ads
  • Unlimited energy
  • Easily unlock girls and destinations.
  • Download their hot selfies
  • Free Crystal and gold

Passion Puzzle FAQs:

  1. How to hack a Passion Puzzle?

You can easily hack it by downloading the MOD apk file or Passion Puzzle hack apk file.

  1. How to reset the Passion Puzzle?

Go to settings, then application manager, select Passion Puzzle, and clear the data.

  1. How to get gems?

You can get gems in daily rewards, by watching ads or by getting Passion Puzzle unlimited gems apk.

  1. Is passion Puzzle available on ios?

Yes, it is, but the MOD apk file is only for android.

  1. How to play Passion Puzzle on PC?

Yes, you can play using blue stacks on the PC.

  1. How do I get more crystals without playing?

You can watch the movie ad, and it gives you up to 4 gems. You can also get a daily login bonus. Or you can simply play MOD apk to get crystals.

  1. How do you get more energy in the Passion puzzle?

You can spend 20 gems on restoring your energy or waiting for some time. The best alternative is to play using the MOD apk version to get unlimited energy.

  1. How to unlock dates in the game?

You can unlock dates by completing the puzzle if you have energy left, or you can try MOD apk to unlock dates easily.

  1. Why is my Passion Puzzle game, not working?

Restart the game if it is not working.

Passion Puzzle MOD APK v1.16.4 (Unlimited Gold and Crystals)
Passion Puzzle Dating Simulator Logo

Passion Puzzle game is a puzzles with a dating simulation experience. You can simply play Passion Puzzle v1.16.5 and get the best dating experience of your life.

Price: Free

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game

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