Prey Day MOD APK v15.3.05 (Immortality) Updated September 2022

Prey Day MOD APK v15.3.05 (Immortality) Updated September 2022

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Description of Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Prey Day MOD APK is a zombie apocalypse game. In this game, you have to survive the apocalypse. It is an action game offered by Pragmatix. It is an online game. You can play with multiple online players. You will be trapped inside post-apocalyptic cities. 

Prey Day MOD APK

There will be zombies everywhere. There will be only a few survivors in the game. You need to find out ways to defend yourself from the zombies. It is all about survival.

Game NamePrey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
PublisherGreenPixel Ltd
Latest Versionv15.3.05
Size554 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Immortality
Unlimited Money
Freezing Bots
RPG elements
Platforms4.4 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 19, 2022


When you start playing the game, you will be given the introduction of the post-apocalyptic cities. The incident will take place in future. It will be 2033. There will be no trace of humanity left on the earth. A recent outbreak makes the people turn into zombies. 

You will be one of the survivors in the game. There will be fantastic survival gameplay. You need to use the features of the game to survive. There will be other online gamers with you. 

It will be a survival challenge. You need to start playing the game by wandering on the streets. You need to roam according to the zombie movements. 

The task starts by collecting food supplies. You need to build forts to defend yourself from the hoard of zombies. You also need to find other survivors. They will become your helpers. You can explore the city with them. You have to find a way to get out of the city or defeat the zombies.


This game has unique features and gameplay. The view is top-down and straight forward. It helps you to see all the zombies and flee from them. The touch and controls are fine. 

You can also enjoy roleplaying as a survivor. This game is very addictive. There are many survival challenges in the game. You can explore Harbortown. There will be many adventures on your travel. 

You can also explore the world. Everything is open and transparent. You can use the objects and props. You can also craft various tools by collecting various items. 

There are exciting battles. You have to fight the zombies in the game. You also need to fight against a few survivors who will attack you. You need to make your clan by rescuing survivors. This way, you will become a strong team.

Prey Day Survival MOD APK

Prey Day MOD APK Features:

If you are finding the game too difficult, you can use the Prey Day MOD APK file. With this game, you will get various benefits like no hunger. You don’t need to search for food to survive always.

You will also get unlimited immortality. This way, no one will be able to kill you. You can play the game without the risk of dying. 

The MOD APK file doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the phone. It is easy to install and available for free.

Prey Day MOD APK Tips and Tricks:

If you want to survive in the game, make a strong team. You need to help survivors and join them in your clan. It will help you to collect food and fight the zombies.

Prey Day MOD APK Latest Version

You also need to study the patterns of the zombies. Try to stay away from hordes of zombies. You can also collect various items to craft a robust tool to kill the zombies.

If you don’t want to die, use the MOD APK file. You will get unlimited life.

How to Download Prey Day MOD APK and Install?

If you want to download and install Prey Day MOD AOK, use the link available on the website. You can click on it and download it. After downloading, install it and start playing the game.

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Prey Day is a fantastic action-adventure, fighting and role playing game. If you are fascinated by Zombies apocalypse movies, this game is perfect for you. 

4.7/5 - (67 votes)
Prey Day MOD APK v15.3.05 (Immortality) Updated September 2022
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