Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK v1.0.62 (God Mode) Updated May 2022

Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK v1.0.62 (God Mode) Updated May 2022

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Description of Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK

Ryuko Shadow Hunter is a role-playing game in medieval Japan. The plot of the game is very engaging. Although the game is easy to play, who are aware of the terrain of Japan, if you have never seen such beautiful land before, the play may get confusing at the beginning. There are many dark events in the game.

Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK
Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK
Game NameRyuko Shadow Hunter:Ninja Game
PublisherHorizon Games Inc.
GenreRole Playing
Latest Versionv1.0.62
Size160 MB
MOD FeaturesMenu/Money, God Mode
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last UpdatedMay 02, 2022

A player is given the Shadowy fighter’s role of fighting with the enemies to save the grandfather. Additionally, training is essential to become a warrior. Learn new techniques from the masters and bring new weapons. It will help you defeat enemies of your choice.

Ryuko Shadow Hunter puts you in the middle of an unknown land. It is a new era in the world. Battlefield ground is unique.

You will go through an unexpected adventure in the game. The player faces the darkness of Kurome, who destroyed your clan and lost many lives in the battle. Only one strongest shadow has survived in the long-lasting fight, whose name is Ryuko.

Prepare yourself for the biggest battle of all time. Explore the journey of a shadow hunter who returns to the land after 20 years to take revenge for the loss of his people. Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK is an action-packed RPG Japanese game where character building and strategic approach will determine the outcome of the battle.

How to play Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK?

Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK becomes intense when entering the battlefield. The constant conflict between the life and death between warrior and enemies create a breath-taking view. Fight with the enemies in a dark and twisted world. Defeat them with strategic planning. Ultimately, the goal is to rescue your grandfather trapped in the enemy’s land. Push back the enemies and purify the land.

Take part in the training to learn the ninja technique. Unleash weapons to upgrade your arsenal. Hunting ability will provide your strength on the battlefield. Stay alert during the game because enemies will do anything to take you down using weapons, poison, stabbing from behind, or assassinating while you are practicing your skill.

The open-world action game brings the fight on the bare land. During the battle, you will discover the ancient old Japanese landmarks. Uncover the hidden beauty of the Kurome. The character building will allow you to develop a new inventory. Have a dialogue with the NPC characters in the game.

Shadow legend tactics will make your character stronger. Build the strong character, tactical battle, and build ambush to trap enemies. Use the learned technique to eliminate the threats around you. Survival till the end is the ultimate goal in the game. Keep moving and exploring the new regions. Fight with the different clans and win the land to acquire more resources.

Special Features of The Ryuko Shadow Hunter Game

  • Interesting Japanese role-playing adventure game in the play store.
  • Character will face three types of katana including Katana, Great Katana and Dual Katana.
  • Skill development in the game allows the character to build a strong ability to fight with enemies.
  • The game gives you a head-to-head battlefield experience where you put yourself in the middle of the right. The only way to win the battle is to kill every enemy trying to attack you.
  • Use the features such as an infight weapon switch to increase the firepower when needed.
  • Plan your fight to attack the enemy land with a strategic approach. You would require both defensive and attacking skills.
  • Critical attack strategy brings quick results. Also, there is the possibility of losing in the case intense fight.
  • Fast travel is possible when you are moving from one land to another.
  • Make the finisher movies and win the battle.
  • As you move in the game ahead, use the skill development opportunity to build a strong character.

MOD Features of The Ryuko Shadow Hunter Game

  • All levels are unlocked in the MOD version.
  • Find unlimited coins or cash in the game.
  • Build the character with unlimited gaming resourcing.
  • Obtain skill anytime without limitation.
  • A fully trained character permits you to progress quickly.
  • No advertisement in the game.

Download Ryuko Legend oRyuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK

Downloading Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK is very easy. Save the apk file on your device and run the installer. Find the download link below that takes you to the download box.

Download Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK

How to install Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK?

Before downloading the application, change the default setting where it says “Allow unknown file download.” You will find the option in the setting. After that, follow the given step-by-step guide.

  • Get the apk file downloaded from a secure source. You can also find the download link above.
  • Go to the file manager and run the installer.
  • Soon the file will be installed, and you will notice the icon of the game listed in your already downloaded application.
  • Launch the app, and you are ready to use the gaming app.


Is Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK paid application?

No. The Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK is a free application available for free to download. No need to pay for the services. Once the application is downloaded, you are ready to use it unlimited time.

Why is Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK needed?

The Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK version provides unlimited resources to the users. It is the application that brings joy to the player. Your character will enjoy unlimited access to premium services. Once the application is ready to use, you have the total capacity to fight with the enemies and win the battle.


Ryuko Shadow Hunter MOD APK is an action pack battlefield game that puts you in an intense fight. Keep an eye on every move of your enemies and defeat them with the advanced weapons available in the game. You have an assigned job to do in the game.

As the game progress, you will face several challenges. You have to kill any creature coming close to you because they intend to kill you and beat you in the game. But keep your morale high. Anything you do is going to generate positive results. Keep up the excellent work, and enjoy the rapid success in the game.

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