Showbox Not Working? 10 Ways to Fix Showbox Issues and Problems

Showbox Not Working? 10 Ways to Fix Showbox Issues and Problems

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Description of Showbox APK

Showbox is the most famous TV show and movie streaming application available for the Android User. It is known for the latest shows and movie stream content updated regularly. Due to the type of content is published on the App, the App got restricted from the Google Play store.

Showbox not working
Showbox not working

You cannot download the Showbox app directly from the Play Store. However, the Showbox APK file is available for direct download, which you can get online. Download and install it on your Andriod device to enjoy the latest released movies and TV shows on the go.

If you are movie enthusiastic, then this App is developed for you. A recently released film is published in the App instantly as soon as it is available. You will be surprised to see how fast the movie reaches the Showbox platform and is made available for the users.

Catch your favorite TV Show on the Showbox app and never miss the new episode again. It is a highly secure application that has several layers of security to protect the user’s interest. You will never be asked to pay the cost of the service. The Showbox app is free, and it will serve you for a lifetime.

Why is Showbox Not Working?

Showbox company has recently tweeted addressing the Showbox Not Working problem and accepted that the problem is real and faced by several users worldwide.

The Showbox support team has clarified that the problem is related to a specific location where service has halted by authority or the server provider. The team is still working to identify the cause of the problem and fix it as early as possible.

After a few days, another tweet stating the servers slow down, which cause the Showbox app down from the service. They have received support from various users during this process. The Company is positive about getting the service back to normal soon.

How to fix the Showbox app not working?

There are several ways you can try to fix the Showbox not working issue. We have noted down the effective solution that will help you to fix the problem.

  • Update Latest Version

Updating your Showbox device to the latest versions would solve the common issue of the App. During the update, the application checks each functional file and verifies if it is working in proper condition. Any identified error would be solved by updating the file from the server.

The latest version would solve the earlier bugs and errors which may cause the problem. Once the update is complete, the Showbox app will use the new files to run the App. Also, the more recent version will be compatible with the Android version, which will make the App smooth.

  • Reboot the Device

The device reboot process cleans the cache, check for the bugs, fix the corrupt files and develops a new one while restarting the App.

This may solve the problem if the Showbox issue is related to the basic processing files. The detected error will be fixed during the Reboot, and you will have new files in the replacement of the corrupt file. In most gadgets and computers, the reboot system solves the majority of the problems. Common errors are identified and fix instantly to give you a normal running application.

  • Clear Showbox app cache

Every Andriod application runs some part of the content using the cache files. Over the period, the cache files create a problem in the core functionality of the App. Cleaning the old cache file and allowing the App to make a new one would resolve the issue.

  • Wipe device cache

Wiping out the device cache is another way to clean the system cache. The device uses the cache functionality to run the App at a smooth speed. It also makes your device speed up to a great extent.

FAQs – Learn more about Showbox issues

Learning about the Showbox issue would make the App run smoothly, without any trouble.

How to fix Showbox Update & Not Working Error?

The problem arises when there is trouble downloading the files on your device. As a result, you may not be able to run the video file or stream the TV shows on the Showbox application.

To fix the problem, first, remove the Showbox app from your device. Next, download the App from the online source. Choose the newly updated version to download. Install it on your device directly. You may have to change the setting to allow the unknown App to download on your device. The new version of the App would resolve the problem.

How to fix Showbox Video Not Available Error?

Here is the solution to fix the Video Not Available Error.
1. Remove the Showbox apk file from your device and reinstall the latest version.
2. Next, open the App and check if the Showbox has stopped working.
3. In the next process, clean the cache by going to the Setting options. After that, reinstall the App again.
4. Once the cache is cleared and a new version of the Showbox is installed, check your favorite movie if it works as normal.

How to fix Showbox has Stopped Working Error?

In this condition, the Showbox application may open up, but when you try to run the video, it will not play. The below guide will help you to solve the problem.

# The new Showbox app might be available, so check for the latest version. It will not update automatically; you have to update it manually. Download the latest version on your device and reinstall the Showbox app again.

# Use the Android emulator to check if the App runs smoothly on your device. Emulator runs the Showbox app from its server, so you will not have trouble accessing it.

How to Fix Showbox App Cache Error?

Old cache file piles up over the period causing the memory problem. Also, when Showbox tries to run the important function, the old cache may trouble the new version from running it. This is known as cache error. The error may make your device frequently crash, and you will not run the App on your device. Follow the given steps to fix the Cache error.

# Go to the setting option and click the General category.
# Select the Application Manager. Choose all options.
# Next, find the Showbox app in the list and select the App.
# Now click to clear cache button. The cache cleaning process may be initiated, and in a few seconds, your device will have zero Showbox cache.

If you still face the problem, then reach to the support team to inform the problem. Tell them the details and, if possible, share the screenshot with them so they will identify the issue and provide you a permanent solution.

How to fix the Showbox connection error?

To fix the Showbox connection error, first, you need to identify the reason why the Showbox not working. There might be several reasons why your device is not supporting the Showbox. For your information, Showbox is officially down in several countries.

So you come under this region, your Showbox application would not work. Next, check for the new update. The Showbox development uses the patch to fix the bugs and restrictions of the operating system and releases the new version to comply with the latest changes.

Download the updated Showbox apk file and install the new version on your device. Check whether this solves the problem. The final step is to check the app permission. Ensure that the App is granted the required permission to run on your Android device.

Sometimes third-party applications are blocked in the default setting. You will not be able to access the Showbox if it is blocked by the device. Go to setting and select the Showbox app and check for the permission setting.

showbox not loading
showbox not loading

How to Fix Showbox Not Loading Error?

Follow these processes to fix the Showbox, not the loading error.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Reboot The Device:

Rebooting your device will all the application to fix the functional problem with the file. Your device will start identifying the core issue and update the file before it becomes worst. Any corrupt file would get updated, and you will have a smoothly running application.

Clear Cache:

Delete the old cache file and rebuilt it while operating the application. The clear Showbox app cache would remove all the files that may cause the problem giving you update space for the new files.

Install the new version of the Showbox App:

The Showbox application is a third party application. The application is not available on the Play store. Hence there will be no notification from the play store about the latest version update. You would have to download the latest version from the web and install it on your device.

Use Web-based Showbox app:

Showbox web developer has developed a web-based application that anyone can access directly in the web browser. Access the web-based App on a mobile device and computer to watch your favorite movie or TV shows. Weh-based applications don’t require installation and can be accessed from anywhere without needing you to download the APK file of the Showbox.

Final :

No limitation for the operating system or smartphone devices. If you have internet connectivity on your device, you can comfortably access the web-based application on your device. Kindly noted that the web-based application would require decent internet speed to run the movie without buffering. Slow internet speed may take time for the movie to download and run.

Is Showbox working again in 2022?

There is no official confirmation from the Company yet. It is assumed that the developer is finding the solution to get the Showbox back to the general public. We can expect the updated version of the Showbox in March 2022. In some countries, Showbox is already active. It is not available where the local authority has applied the restriction to the App.

What are the Best Showbox Alternative Apps?

These are some of the best Showbox alternative apps available in the market.

Showbox Alternative Apps
Showbox Alternative Apps
  • HULU– Watch TV shows and moves online without any limitation. The application streams high definition videos that you can download and watch at your comfort.
  • NetflixNetflix is among the best online video streaming App and most popular in many countries. Pay a small amount for the subscription and enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows.
  • ZEE5 – Another great app for online movies and tv shows. The ZEE5 produces their tv series, which will be unique, and you will not find them anywhere on the web.
  • POPCORN TIME – Popcorn time is an open-source application that gives you instant access to many movies and TV shows. Watch high definition Blue-ray quality movies on the Popcorn time. The only drawback of the Popcorn time that the new movies are added after a few months of their release. There are very rare events when you find the latest movies on the Popcorn time app.
  • Cinema APK – Enjoy the add free movie streaming on the Cinema HD apk file. It is safe to use and doesn’t show any illegal or pirated content. The high-quality videos would make your movie streaming a pleasurable experience.
  • Titanium TV – Download Titanium TV APK file on your android device and enjoy the high-end movies and TV shows. You would have a great time watching movies on the Titanium TV application.
  • CatMouse APK – On the go, movie collection can experience using the CatMouse APK file. Thousands of movies, series, and TV shows are used to stream online movies. All your entertainment needs would be fulfilled by the CatMouse APK.
  • CyberFlix TV – The application is known for its huge collection of TV series and movies. Watch them online without needing to pay for the service. Content is updated frequently, giving you much-needed entertainment time.

How to Use Showbox App Alternatives Safely (Install Turbo VPN)

The Showbox application is an open-source apk file that requires authentication to run the App. The app content makes it vulnerable to identity thieves. The country where the Showbox app is banned due to a legal issue would restrict access to the App.

In such a case, if you try to access the Showbox app to watch the latest movie, you will fall into the category of an illegal content download, which may get you in trouble.

Using Turbo VPN service would help you to hide your identity while you are operating the Showbox app. The VPN services hide your IP and network details and routine the connection from the secure service making you invisible on the web.

Turbo VPN is built with a strong network of services that would help you to enjoy your Showbox time without the concern of identity thieves.


Showbox developers are working hard to make the application work in all regions and countries. The new version of the Showbox apk would have more compatibility support, allowing you to run the App smoothly on your device.

Further bug fixes and more server support would mitigate the downtime problem. Follow the above suggestions to fix the problem. If the issue persists, contact the Showbox support team and let them know the situation. They will get back to you with the solution.

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Showbox Not Working? 10 Ways to Fix Showbox Issues and Problems
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Showbox Not Working? Showbox company has recently tweeted addressing the problem and accepted that the problem is real and faced by several users worldwide.

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