Download Silly Royale MOD APK v1.24.01 (Unlock Skins, Hats)

Download Silly Royale MOD APK v1.24.01 (Unlock Skins, Hats)

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Description of Silly Royale MOD APK

What is Silly Royale MOD APK?

Silly Royale is an online game made by Super Gaming. Devil Amongst Us is a different name for the game. It is a stunning multiplayer action game.

This game interface takes you to gameplay with up to 12 players. The game’s first scene takes place in a prison or haunted house.You can move around freely and complete missions with extensive gameplay.

You must follow the gameplay, regulations, and content specific to each mode. Then, you should complete tasks and compete against other players to win the game. You’ll get a lot of attractive rewards from there.

Game NameSilly Royale MOD APK
Latest Versionv1.24.01
Size84 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlock Skins, Hats
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last UpdatedDecember 05, 2022
Silly Royale MOD APK
Silly Royale MOD APK

However, the original Silly Royale – Devil Amongst Us game contains in-app purchases and tasks to complete, as mentioned above. Then you can download Silly Royale MOD APK to enjoy all the game features at no cost.

Features of Silly Royale Game

Silly Royale is available for download now if you enjoy playing various multiplayer games.

Simple but quality graphics and sounds

Silly Royale is made with simple graphics. But, it is well organized to deliver a quality gaming experience to every player. It also consists of quality sound and music effects for adventure gameplay.

Enjoyable multiplayer game

Today, we have easy access to multiplayer games thanks to the internet. Give Silly Royale a try if you want a good time and something different. You can enjoy playing many of your favorite childhood games in this game.

You can play a wide variety of multiplayer modes right here. Each game may feature up to 12 gamers for your enjoyment.

Hide and seek; a beloved childhood game, is also available here. You’ll like a lot of the features of this game!

Gaming modes

You’ll probably like this one if you like playing different games. Here, you can play a variety of game modes all in one.

The first one is called JailBreak, in which the robbers have to get out of jail without being apprehended by the police. If you want to enjoy a pleasant time with your friends, it’s good to try out this game mode.

The Murder Mystery is another option, where you can play the Devil or an innocent Silly! Either kill everyone as the Devil or leave the mansion right away as the Silly. Then there is the timeless kid’s game of hide and seek.

Character customization

Silly Royale is fantastic because you can completely customize your character! You can enjoy wearing many different skins and hats in this game.

Gather them right away to create a distinctive character for each game mode you choose to play. You can also participate in the Maze race, where your goal is to exit the maze as quickly as possible.

Communication with other players

The voice chat function in Silly Royale is gratifying in the Murder Mystery mode. You’ll be able to vote the Devil out while chatting with other gamers or your friends. Additionally, while you wait, you can watch the game.

How to play Silly Royale?

  • You and your friends become trapped in a mysterious castle and find it difficult to escape. You have to face significant obstacles if you want to quickly get past the evil spirits that are constantly hovering in front of you.
  • But individuals are dressed in scary masks that really scare us because they always watch and judge everything we do. They will shoot you immediately if you refuse to participate in the challenges and resist.
  • Combining teams is the first stuff you should do. Avoid separating and going alone since completing the challenge by yourself will be challenging.
  • To inspire your friends, you should climb the ladder and accept the challenge. Before making a choice, think it through carefully because one flaw could cost a life.
  • You have to face a humanoid doll in Silly Royale. This doll has a chip inside, so if you move, her laser eyes will immediately turn to look at you.
  • You must immediately stop moving and keep silent after a few minutes of counting. The music resumes after the humanlike doll makes one turn. This task will be challenging and will require patience.
  • The most thrilling part of the game is that you and other fortunate survivors visit locations where keys are available. Keys are frequently hidden in odd places, so we must quickly locate and obtain them.

Silly Royale Game Tips & Tricks

  • Always choose the right gameplay mode to have an incredible game experience.
  • Your life inside the game is everything. So, be careful when you accept challenges. Face them smartly to survive and go forward.
  • The best tip on this game is to download the Silly Royale MOD APK latest version.
  • You can use the Silly Royale mod apk unlimited money and more game features at no cost by downloading the MOD.


Can I play Silly Royale Offline?

Silly Royale is an online multiplayer game. So, you can’t play it offline.

Is Silly Royale available on PC Download?

Yes! There are many PC versions of Silly Royale games.

How to play Silly Royale on PC?

You can play Silly Royale on your PC or laptop by downloading a PC version of the game.

Is Silly Royale available on iOS?

Yes! You can download the silly Royale iOS game from the Apple App Store.

What are the other Silly Royale Similar Games?

Some similar game examples to the Silly Royale game are, Food gang, Among Us, Zooba: Zoo battle royal game, and Super Sun.

Can I cheat on Silly Royale?

The best way to cheat and go forward fast in this game is by downloading the Silly Royale MOD APK. It offers unlimited game features at no cost.

Is Silly Royale a good game for Children?

It is recommended for children above age 7.

Is Silly Royale a Multiplayer Game?

Yes! Silly Royale is a multiplayer game.

How many players need to play silly Royale?

You need a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 12 players to play the Silly Royale game.

Silly Royale MOD APK Features

  • Silly Royal MOD APK provides unlimited money to make your purchases inside the game.
  • You can use unlimited money to upgrade yourself, survive, and do anything and everything inside the game.
  • It contains no ads! So you can play the game without any disturbance.
  • Our MOD APK download link is a secure link to download and play the game at no cost.

Download Silly Royale MOD APK

You can download Silly Royale MOD APK via the link given below. Enjoy the stunning game with unlimited features!

Download Silly Royale MOD APK


Silly Royale is a super multiplayer game with simple graphics. But, it delivers a quality game experience to every player with good features and game modes. You have to work to earn rewards and money to make purchases inside the original game. But if you download the Silly Royale MOD APK, you can enjoy all the game features with unlimited money at no cost.

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Download Silly Royale MOD APK v1.24.01 (Unlock Skins, Hats)
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However, the original Silly Royale - Devil Amongst Us game contains in-app purchases and tasks to complete, as mentioned above. Then you can download Silly Royale MOD APK to enjoy all the game features at no cost.

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