Download Smart AudioBook Player MOD APK v9.5.7

Download Smart AudioBook Player MOD APK v9.5.7

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Description of Smart AudioBook Player MOD APK

Books are man’s best friends, we heard that since our childhood. But today’s fast-paced life leaves us little time to enjoy reading.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the best audiobook player app (which you can download for free) to get started with your audiobooks or basically,

How to consume information in the form of listening instead of reading it. Many apps can be found to play audiobooks, but if you want an app that can play your DRM-free audiobooks.

You’ve already downloaded and saved in your phone – Smart AudioBook Player is the most popular app for both Android and iOS.

It offers plenty of useful features that can be found in premium audiobook apps only, like bookmarking, adjustable playback speed, audio equalizer, a sleep timer, audiobook management, notification panel control widget, and more.

All these amazing features are accessible in the basic version of the Smart AudioBook Player without paying for the full version which is really great.

Furthermore, their free trial offer for a full 30 days period is very generous, and they ask only $1.99 to unlock the full version afterward.

App NameSmart AudioBook Player
PublisherAlex Kravchenko
GenreMusic & Audio
Current Versionv9.5.7
Size8.45 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Pro Version
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last UpdatedNovember 22, 2022

Why should you use an Smart AudioBook Player in the first place?

Now before we start, let’s first see why should one listen to stuff instead of reading it? There can be a couple of reasons for doing it.

Number one reason is speed as listening to Audiobooks or blog post is quicker. You can consume more information in less time.

For instance, an average 300 pages book, which usually people finish in a month, is only 5 hours long when you convert it in audiobook.

The second most important factor is it’s convenient. Listening to stuff is a lot more convenient than reading it, especially in odd places.

For example, it’s hard to read your favorite book while driving or in public transport, but listening to them is much more practical.

And then there are many other things like you can store thousands of Audiobook on your phone, but that’s not possible for the physical books.

Now, of course, you can’t apply this method everywhere. There are things, which are only meant to be read and not listen; but still, for most of the stuff, this technique works.

Smart AudioBook Player
Smart AudioBook Player

Features of Smart Audio Book Player

1. A huge online library with a vast collection of audiobooks

Smart AudioBook Player offers a vast online audiobook library with almost every popular title.

In addition to that, it further allows you to access, play, and redistribute your own locally saved audiobooks that you’ve downloaded from other sources, as long as they are DRM-free of course.

All you need to make sure the correct file extension or format and Smart AudioBook Player will be able to play it without making any fuss.

2. Phenomenal sound

Another key feature of Smart Audiobook Player is its crystal clear sound that ensures a flawless listening experience according to each character’s line from the book you’re playing.

Even many paid apps can’t handle a diverse range of different pronunciation which eventually results in a not-so-good experience.

Smart Audiobook Player, on the other hand, actively repairs any such issues and the listeners get to enjoy a crisp, clear and uninterrupted voice.

3. Feature-rich search engine

This app features an excellent search engine that allows its users to search for different genres of audiobooks that are categorized accordingly in its huge library.

Whatever your favorite genre is, be it sci-fi, adventure or romance, you’ll find your favorite book in no time using its search tools.

This app offers great quality audiobooks and they can be downloaded and saved in your phone’s local storage for free.

You can further bookmark a favorite title and mark it as favorite. Your favorite list in the app is a collection of such marked audiobooks and browsing through them to find and access a favorite book is a breeze.

Smart Audiobook Player has individual support features for each audiobook, and what that means is there’s no need to finish a title before starting another.

You can very well leave one book halfway, start listening to another, and then resume the first one at a later time when you wish.

Another thing to note is when you leave one book in the middle to open another, the previous title gets marked as your favorite automatically so that you can return to the same from your favorite menu without any hassle.

Most importantly, there’s no need to wonder at which page you left the book as the app cache that information for your convenience and it continues from that exact point when you access that audiobook again.

Smart AudioBook Player APK

Smart AudioBook Player MOD Info:

Like many other applications, this Smart Audio book Player Pro has been modded as well by the well-known Android modders where you get the full version unlocked already without paying anything.

That’s being said, this app offers a generous 30-days free trial where you can access all the premium features, and then it’s only a tiny amount of $1.99 required to unlock the full version forever.

Apart from being illegal, downloading mod apk from a third-party site comes with its own risk of installing a potentially malicious program with dangerous viruses that can render your device unusable, steal your sensitive personal information, and what not!

So, think about that before you try to download a modded apk file for Smart Audiobook Player especially when you can legally unlock it for less than two bucks.
The mod apk comes unlocked with additional features wear device support removed, cleaned code and further optimized graphics for a better experience.

Download Smart AudioBook Player APK & PRO Version

You can download and install Smart Audiobook Player from the Google Play Store, and that’s the only legal and recommended way to do so.

Still, if you find it irresistible to install a modded version, a quick Google search will point you to many third-party apk hosting sites.

Download Smart AudioBook Player

How to install Smart AudioBook Player?

Installing the app is absolutely no-brainer as the file is less than 3 MB and can be installed from Play Store by a quick tap on the “install” button within a few seconds as you do for any other app.

If you’re using a newer Android version, your phone will ask for your confirmation for some permissions this app requires to be played successfully.

In case you’re installing the modded apk, kindly follow the exact steps and instructions provided by the respective site from where you’ve downloaded the same.


How do I use a smart audiobook player?

Once installed, open the app from your app drawer. You can then search for an audiobook from its library or open your own DRM-free ones to start listening.

Does smart audiobook player play m4b?

No, it doesn’t directly as Android offers no support for this format natively. However, you can convert an M4B file to an MP3 file in your computer and transfer it to your phone to listen through Smart Audiobook Player easily.

What is the best device for listening to Smart audiobooks?

Basically, any Android phone with enough storage to save some audiobooks unless it’s running an ancient version of Android OS.

How to add books to the smart audiobook player?

First, transfer the audiobook in your phone’s storage. Then open the app, and once opened, you’ll notice a refresh icon at the top right corner of the app.

Tap on that icon and the app will automatically search for any newly added audiobooks in your phone memory

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Download Smart AudioBook Player MOD APK v9.5.7
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