Stickman Hook MOD APK v9.0.12 (Unlocked)

Stickman Hook MOD APK v9.0.12 (Unlocked)

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Description of Stickman Hook MOD APK

Prepare to join the stickman hero on his illustrious spiny adventures, where you can lead him through many thrilling platform levels. Stickman Hook’s straightforward but absolutely brilliant in-game mechanics let players freely enjoy the empowering and satisfying touch controls.

Let’s blast discovering the cool tricks and have a great time with your hero. So, stay with the content to learn about Stickman Hook MOD APK.

Stickman Hook MOD APK
Stickman Hook MOD APK
Stickman Hoo‪k‬
Stickman Hoo‪k‬
Game NameStickman Hook MOD APK
Latest Versionv9.0.12
Size70 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlocked, No Ads
Requires Android6.0 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 27, 2022

What is Stickman Hook MOD APK?

Android users will have the opportunity to take advantage of the straightforward and approachable gameplay on Stickman Hook. It features our spider stickman, who can jump and move around using the available grapnels placed along the way.

There are countless in-game obstacles and thrilling in-game features that you are free to use. Enjoy discovering the enthralling mega moves and hacks that will give you more control over your characters. Investigate the unique aspects of customizations to up the game’s excitement level.

However, this game contains many ads. You can pay for Stickman Hook’s premium version to get rid of ads and unlock the premium version. But why are you spending money when you have a Stickman Hook MOD APK? It will allow you to play the game without any barriers.

Features of Stickman Hook Game

Stickman Hook’s graphics follow a minimalistic style, just like other stickman games. On the 2D screen, all you can see is a stickman, a rope, some mattresses, and some pointers.

Stickmen in the game move similarly to Spider-Man. The stickman’s jumping and swinging of the ropes hanging from the wall’s “points” will be under your control. Depending on how high you jump, the cord may be long or short, and you will swing left or right to try to advance. You complete the level of the game once you arrive at your destination.

Along with the wall’s points, there are numerous mattresses underneath. Keep in mind that only the white mattress pads are where you land. You can use this method to move more quickly instead of using hooks and swings because falling down will propel you forward a sizable distance. Be careful; if you fall and don’t hit the mattress, you’ll hit the ground, and the game is over.

Stickman Hook has about 100 levels at the moment. The only significant differences between each level are the mattress or point designs. If you want to succeed, you must adapt and control the environment. Many players had no trouble getting up to50 levels. Either we are too skilled at playing this game, or it is effortless.

How to play Stickman Hook?

While the player is a character like a ball, playing Stickman Hook is absolutely easy. The player’s objective is to move the string from the ball to the available axes on the game screen using the mouse. These online games’ stages are all entirely unpredictable, and the difficulty level gradually rises.

Swinging past the screen and crossing the finish line is the last task. The game screen contains no rules or time restrictions. Naturally, we will be specialized in the next screen after passing the current one.

We’ll see in the ongoing levels that there are numerous challenges that gamers must overcome to advance through the game’s levels. A simple tip for players is to keep pulling the rope while losing momentum to swing and ascend to the shaft’s top.

Stickman Hook Tips & Tricks

Let’s see some tips and tricks to play The Stickman Hook game. But don’t forget the first tip: download Stickman Hook MOD APK to unblock all the app’s features. The majority of this game’s failures can be attributed to self-sabotage. You might not care about it, but you did not require a hookup just before the finish line.

Any floor piece with a white side will bounce, allowing you to use the ground to propel yourself quickly forward. Therefore, you can let go of the swing to unveil yourself into the trampoline and glide away at a tremendous speed rather than hooking into a full swing.

Use the negative force in your favor if you need to move forward, but the trampolines push you backward. You only need to swing into the trampoline and hold your grapple to launch back the way you came. The thing you must do is, have a force push you in the desired direction as you release your grapple.


Is Stickman Hook an Offline Game?

Yes, you can play the game either offline or online.

How Many Levels are in Stickman Hook?

There are almost 100 levels in the Stickman Hook game.

How do you beat Stickman Hook?

The early levels of the game are elementary to beat. You can watch an ad to repeat a level to beat. It may allow repeating without ads if you are supposed to download Stickman Hook MOD APK.

Who has the highest score on Stickman Hook?

A gamer named NyanPigTwitch is the current top-scored person (August 2022). But, it may change over time.

Stickman Hook MOD APK Features

Stickman Hook unblocked MOD APK can be named the free version for its premium version. The top features of Stickman Hook MOD APK are, unblocked all game modes, unblocked all premium features, and no containing ads on the screen. So, download Stickman Hook unblocked version to play the game without disturbance. Then you can beat game levels fast as a pro.

Download Stickman Hook MOD APK

You can download the Stickman Hook MOD APK free through the following link. It is a safe link to download and install the APK, which is checked through many virus and thread detectors.

Download Stickman Hook MOD APK


Stickman Hook is a quite simple and addictive 2D game. It has a very simple user interface. But, its game features make the game a fantastic one. You can download the Stickman Hook MOD APK to unlock all the premium features for free and get rid of ads.

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Stickman Hook MOD APK v9.0.12 (Unlocked)
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Let's blast discovering the cool tricks and have a great time with your hero. So, stay with the content to learn about Stickman Hook MOD APK.

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