True Skate MOD APK v1.5.52 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Updated September 2022

True Skate MOD APK v1.5.52 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Updated September 2022

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Description of True Skate Mod Apk

This is the first time we have played True Skate Mod APK for Android, which is a legitimate, professional, paid skateboarding game.

Though it works just fine on a phone, it gives you a much more zoomed-out view on a tablet, so we recommend the same if you have the opportunity.

We played the game in about 2k resolution, but the screen capture is only in 720p – so you need to keep that in mind.

The game is sharp, even though some of the textures aren’t so great; the board itself looks really nice, and the levels are all well-made.

True Skate Mod Apk
True Skate Mod Apk
True Skate
True Skate
Developer:True Axis
Price:2,09 €
App NameTrue Skate Mod Apk
PublisherTrue Axis
GenreAction & Adventure, Sports
Latest Versionv1.5.52
Size75 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money and Unlimited Shoping
Platforms4.1 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 17, 2022

True Skate Mod Apk Full Review & Download

So how does True Skate mod apkwork? Simply put, your fingers act as your feet, and you swipe different ways to get the board to spin. To ollie, you lift your front finger, then your back one.

To kickflip, you swipe your front finger instead of just lifting it. And you pop shove it by swiping your back finger.

You can do these together to do varial kickflips, hardflips, inward heelflips, and stuff like that.

Today in this article, we are going to discuss the gameplay, some prominent features, the installation procedure, and many more things about this game – so stay tuned with us until the end.

True Skate Gameplay:

Coming to the gameplay, and let’s start it with the skateboard. First, there are mission details and then push with your feet to move.

Here, imagine your fingertip is your foot and swipe your finger along the ground the same way you would use your one foot to push a real-world skateboard.

As you’re swiping to the back, you’re going to move forward, and mission will be completed. So, now you know how to move, and next, you want to learn to steer.

Tap on the board in the center and then drag it to the left or right to steer, and the mission is completed.

True Skate Game Play
True Skate Game Play

The skateboard, while is the move, is controllable with your two fingers to balance the same and making sure to not let it flip.

While you’re moving forward with the skateboard you can perform various other corresponding tricks and movements.

Many skating techniques like double-kick flip, hard-flip, ollie, nollie, and more can be done once you’re experienced enough with the game.

There are a total of five categories of tricks, such as easy, medium, hard, hardcore, and impossible, and all these you’re going to learn gradually as the game progresses.

This game is an extreme skateboarding simulation, and it has been designed to give the players a hard time.

So you should keep in mind that it needs a lot of practice to pull off most of the tricks, if not all. Timing and speed are the keys to pull off some of these tricks in True Skate Mod apk, below are some of the tips that will help you with your gameplay.

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Features Of True Skate Mod apk Game:

• Real-world physics: The gameplay physics is awesome that gives you real-world skateboarding feeling. Users who actually are in skateboarding sport vouches that this game offers an authentic experience.

• Decorate your deck: There’s a variety of deck skins that enable you to customize the look of your skateboard.

• Easy finger-controlled gameplay: All the tricks can be performed with two fingers, and the tricks are easy to accomplish once you get hold of the game with a little practice.

• Exciting challenges: Players are given interesting challenges regularly to test and hone their skateboarding skills.

• Slow-motion and rewind: They are cool features that enable you to view your footage of performing various tricks with the skateboard more clearly by slowing the pace down as many times as you wish.

• Next-gen graphics:Graphics is another strong point of this game that provides you a realistic feeling through the diverse skate parks. Though, you have to play it in a flagship device or tablet to experience the wonderful graphics in maximum settings.

• Global leaderboards: The game features a global leaderboard with your score so that you know your position against all other online players.

True Skate apk

Types of terrain

Plenty of maps are there for you to select in True Skate, including streets, parks, stairs, skate parks, and warehouses.

All these maps come with a variety of terrains, like ledges, stairs, grind rails, quarter pipes, half pipes, and more.

It’s advised that you must not choose anything other than the flat terrain only with fewer obstacles when you’re starting with the game for the first time.

It takes many hours of practice to acquire advanced skills to challenge more complex terrains.

Players often dream of conquering dangerous situations like stairs or railings, but those things are better left until you achieve further expertise.

The more time you spend practicing and honing your skillset in the game, the more proficient gamer you become.

How to Unlock new skateboards

True Skate Mod offers an incredible set of skateboards collection which can appeal to players from every category and age group.

Admitted that the game is all about performing as much harder tricks as possible, but it’s the different aesthetics of a wide array of skateboards and their customization features that make the game more interesting to the players.

Now, if you’re using the official version of the downloaded from the play store, then you unlocking a new skateboard could cost you real money.

However, in the case of the modded versions, you’ll get all the skateboards and other additional paid goodies and features absolutely free.

True Skate Mod APK Features

Many third party APP hosting sites offer modded versions of Game. The primary benefit you get from the True Skate Mod apk is free shopping with unlimited money.

All the premium features, skateboards, and maps are instantly unlockable in the modded version – so that’s a huge advantage.

That’s being said, you will not be able to update the game as soon as it released via Play Store, so make sure you keep the “auto-update” option off in your Play Store settings.

Otherwise, the game will be updated and the mod codes will be replaced with the original game, and you’ll lose all the premium features and unlocked options.

If you want to update, you need to wait for the modders to release the new mod apk in the site you’ve downloaded the apk from.

How to Download & Install

Downloading the legal copy of True Skate doesn’t take any special step – all you need to do is pay for the game with your stored value or by your card in the Play Store, and install the same.

Download True Skate Mod Apk

Or if you looking for the mod apk, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in that site.

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True Skate MOD APK v1.5.52 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Updated September 2022
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Now you can Stand on your skateboard on Android. Best skateboarding game is True Skate Mod Apk now available with Unlimited Money & Free Shopping.

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